One of the reasons why we use our phones is to stay connected with family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and others. However, it sometimes can happen that we lose our phone contacts after we have upgraded our iPhone to another iOS, factory reset it, or probably just out of our recklessness. You do not have to worry just yet because you can definitely get them back. So if you are an iPhone 6 user, you can find the solution to your problem on how to Restore contacts on iPhone 6 by reading this article.

How to Restore Contacts on iPhone 6?

restore contacts from iphone 6

How to Restore Contacts on iPhone 6 with iCloud

It’s nearly impossible that an iPhone user is not aware of this application. This is a built in program wherein it allows you to sync or back up your files to it. With this, you can access all the data on your iPhone anywhere including your photos, videos, notes, music, documents, and a lot more. Therefore, if you have an iCloud account, it is easy for to recover your contacts. Here are the steps you need to follow on how to restore contacts on iPhone 6 by using iCloud.

  1. First, go to your favorite browser and visit then, sign in with your iCloud account.
  2. After logging in, you will be able to see icons, just simple choose the “Settings”.
  3. Then, at the bottom corner of the page, under the “Advanced” section, there are four options, from there, select “Restore Contacts”.iCloud settings
  4. A new window will appear then and you can see your past sync archives. Select the one that has your deleted contacts then click “Restore”.
  5. Lastly, it will ask you for confirmation, you just have to click “Restore” once again and your contacts will show up to your iPhone.

How to Restore Contacts on iPhone 6 with ApowerRescue

The final but just as useful tool we have is the ApowerRescue. This professional iDevice recovery software is capable of recovering almost all of your lost data on your iPhone or iPad. Besides that, this supports a wide variety of iOS devices from the latest to the oldest ones. Also, with this tool, you will be able to recover contacts and other data not only from your iTunes backup but as well as from your iCloud backup. In addition, ApowerRescue can distinguish the deleted files from the existing ones so you can easily recover the ones you have accidentally removed. Therefore, here are the steps on how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone 6:

  1. To get ApowerRescue, download it first from its official page then install it on your PC.Download
  2. When the installation is complete, run the program and connect your iPhone 6 to your computer by using a lightning cable.
  3. Once connected, select “Contacts” from the main interface then hit “Start Scan” so I it will begin analyzing your device.Recover Contacts with ApowerRescue
  4. After the scanning process, you can choose “Only show deleted” from the “Filter” tab and it will show you the preview of the contacts you’ve deleted.
  5. Finally, choose the ones you want to recover, then hit “Recover to computer” and select the folder wherein you want to place the contacts. And there you will have your deleted contacts back.

How to Restore Contacts on iPhone 6 with Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

If you cannot get your contacts back by using the tool mentioned above, you can also give Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery a try. This is a third party application by Gihosoft intended for recovering data on iOS devices including messages, notes, photos, videos, and of course, contacts. You can also use this program to restore lost files on your iTunes backup. If you’re interested to use this software, you may consider the following guidelines below on how to recover contacts on iPhone 6:

  1. To start using this app, you have to go to its official website and download the installer of the software. After that, install it on your PC.
  2. Next, launch it and connect your iPhone 6 to your PC using a lightning cable.
  3. On the main interface of the app, you can put a check mark right before “Contacts” then click “Next” to let the program scan your device.Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery
  4. Afterwards, you may select certain contacts you want to recover, then click “Recover” and choose the folder where you want to put your them.
  5. Just wait for the recovering process to finish and you’ll have your contacts back.


Those are the ways on how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone 6. With these applications, recovering your lost contacts and other files is just a piece of cake for you. However, if you want an application that can extract files directly from your devices and from your iTunes and iCloud back up all at the same time, ApowerRescue is best for you.

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