Online Background Eraser
The best free photo background remover ever
Clever AI Tech
Thanks to Apowersoft clever AI, people can get whatever they want to cut out from the background in just several seconds, no matter it's people, animals, vehicles, products, text, logos, or anything else.
Automatic Removal
Remove background from image automatically with zero clicks. Just upload the picture, and wait for the perfect shot with low-contrast edge coming out in 3 seconds. You'll be astonished by the stunning result.
Seamless Photo Editor
This photo background remover also offers smart "Keep" and "Remove" tool to have full control over the picture. Then zoom, flip, crop or add new background to create a truly professional image like the way it should be.
Auto-remove image background and easily create professional result
The best tool that tackles challenging backgrounds as you wish
Remove image background
Change photo background
Remove photo background, anytime and anywhere
As a free online background remover software, it is easy to access on any device when there are internet connection and a browser available. Unlike other web services that will give limitations for free use, or require credits to download, Apowersoft Online Background Eraser is completelyfree to use that anytime when it is needed, just open it and get started by uploading a photo.
Awesome for eCommerce, Design, Business, and Individuals
Tired of edit photo background with PhotoShop? Thousands of people all over the world use this online tool everyday to create stunning result, for example, create product shots in order to increase conversion rate, or make picture backgrounds transparent to produce eye-catching marketing material and presentations, or just edit personal ID photos, etc. Try it out today with no cost!
Remove backgrounds effortlessly
Simply upload the photo you want to remove the background. Online Background Eraser will automatically produce an accurate cutout with a transparent background.
Preview changes in real-time
Instantly, the final result will be presented on the page which you can preview before you download it. You can futher edit it, like crop, flip, zoom, add new background, etc.
Download HD
Click the "Download" button to save the processed image in the origial quality. There is also a Pro version available which gives you much more options to edit the pictures.
They like us. You will too
  • 5-star recommended

    This API impressed me a lot. It is fantastic :). I never write a review but this tool helped me so much that I just had to. It is very intuitive and does exactly what we need. Erase the background of any image. If you are looking for a background eraser, go with this one!


  • 5-star recommended

    Amazing AI. Does what it says and offered for free! Thank you! I recommend this site above others I've used. Perfect for cleaning up a background and making transparent files! Very happy with it.


  • 5-star recommended

    This one cannot just erase backgrounds but also add different backgrounds to the pictures. I changed one of my ID photos to a white background. The result is really perfect!


  • 5-star recommended

    I've downloaded many picture editor programs. This was the easiest and most effective one ever. It's ad-free and works automatically. Though the functions are very basic, it is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!


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    Online Background Eraser
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    Reviews (39)

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