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Automatically remove background from image free and online
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File security
All uploaded images will be strictly confidential. Your original files will be permanently deleted from our server within 24 hours. No risk that your files will be leaked.
No installation
The whole process takes place online. No need to download or install anything. As soon as you open it in the browser, you can start using it to process your photo background.
Automatic removal
No experience or skill required. The only thing you need to do is upload your photos, and this online photo background eraser will do the rest for you automatically.
Extremely easy to remove image background and get stunning results instantly
Cut people out with few clicks. Awesome for ramping up your creativity
Remove image background
Change image background
Increase your efficiency with low-cost
Online Background Eraser uses the latest AI technology to process your photos. You can get perfect results with less time and effort. Saves your time when you need to cut out a person, make the background transparent or paste it to another photo. You don't need any specific skills or professional experience. The process is automated. In just several seconds, you can get a precise cutout.
Get better results without Photoshop
You can further enhance your photos with more creativity. This photo background remover provides you with three ways to get creative: solid colors, well-designed templates, and your own photographs, which you can easily integrate with the cutouts. Whether it is a greeting card, an ID photo, a social post, you can always make it happen with this web service.
Remove backgrounds effortlessly
Simply upload the photo you want to remove the background of. Online Background Eraser will then automatically produce an accurate cutout with a transparent background.
Preview in real-time
Instantly, the final result will be presented on the page which you can preview before you download it. You can directly compare it with the original file.
Download the file
Click the "Download" button to save the image with background removed onto your computer. There is also a Pro version available which gives you more control over how you edit the pictures.
They like us. You will too
  • 5-star recommended

    This API impressed me a lot. It is fantastic :). I never write a review but this tool helped me so much that I just had to. It is very intuitive and does exactly what we need. Erase the background of any image. If you are looking for a background eraser, go with this one!


  • 5-star recommended

    Amazing AI. Does what it says and offered for free! Thank you! I recommend this site above others I've used. Perfect for cleaning up a background and making transparent files! Very happy with it.


  • 5-star recommended

    This one cannot just erase backgrounds but also add different backgrounds to the pictures. I changed one of my ID photos to a white background. The result is really perfect!


  • 5-star recommended

    I've downloaded many picture editor programs. This was the easiest and most effective one ever. It's ad-free and works automatically. Though the functions are very basic, it is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!


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    Online Background Eraser
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    Reviews (6)

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