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Apowersoft CAD Viewer

An easy-to-use, yet full-featured CAD software that can view, annotate, measure, edit and convert your drawings quickly.

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Served 2371980 users worldwide

Stunning CAD Viewer

Anyone can open and view all versions of AutoCAD drawings completely and accurately, and even edit and model their designs quickly and easily due to its exclusive analytical technique.

Fully Compatible with DWG Files

No matter if it's a higher or lower DWG file, this CAD software allows you to open it without such problems as unclear fonts, wrong mild steel types, inexplicable Latin character garbled, etc.

Multiple Powerful Functions Built-in

It also has a useful toolkit to modify and re-model the designs.You can annotate your drawings with text, linear, ellipse, rectangle, etc. In addition, add annotative dimensions to the objects in your draft without damaging the quality including linear, radial, angular, ordinate, arc length, etc; Measure the distance, angle, radius, area, volume, arc length, coordinate, and even edit the drawings as you go.

Collaborate with Others Effectively

Your annotations and modifications will be saved on the drawing completely and accurately. When you open it at anytime on a computer, you can view the edits with your team or your customers hassle-free. No formal CAD training or related skills are required.

Convert, Share and Print CAD Drawings

With this CAD viewer on your computer, you can convert your DWG files to PDF format without AutoCAD installed, so that you can print or directly share your drawings with other people anytime and anywhere you want.

Why Choose Us

  • Easy and Convenient

    The fresh and intuitive user interface gives you instant access to its all functions easily and quickly. No previous experience or skills are required.

  • Small File Size

    A lightweight software that takes up very little of the computer disk storage space. No need to worry about it slowing down your computer.

  • All DWG Versions Supported

    Ensure the interoperability between different DWG versions. Read the content quickly and smoothly without garbled or open failure issues.

We've served over 1,000,000 users. Here are reviews from some of them.

Highly Recommended

As a drafter, I always have problems when collaborating with others. This software helps me open higher DWG version successfully. Thank you so much!

-- Johnson

Great Job

Very very very good software. No lags when opening my files and it shows the details clearly and accurately. Keep on going with your work!!

-- Barbosa


A great option to edit my drawings. Easy to use. Very useful. I've recommended it to my partners.

-- Lynda

View and Edit CAD in Simple Steps

  • Step 1: Browse and import DWG files

  • Step 2: Open and read AutoCAD drawings

  • Step 3: View and modify DWG files content

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