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LightPDF(formerly PDF Converter)

Easily Convert PDF to Word, Excel, and other formats, as well as compress, OCR, and merge PDF, etc.
PDF Converter has been upgraded to LightPDF. The accounts between LightPDF and PDF Converter are not interoperable. For details, please read this announcement

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Excellent PDF Converter

It can convert PDF to many different formats and vice versa. Additionally, it can merge PDF with one click.

PDF to Other Files Other Files to PDF

Multiple Formats Supported

This PDF converter can batch convert PDF to most Microsoft Office formats in a few seconds. You can quickly convert your PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, TXT, HTML, and many more. Even better, you will be able to preserve the same high quality of your original file!

Manage PDF with Practical Tools

The program is equipped with other useful functions, with which you can merge, compress, split, protect, unlock, OCR PDF, and extract images from PDF, etc. This tool can help you better manage your PDF files.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast and Stable

    You can choose many different output formats, and this PDF converter will convert files in a quick and stable way.

  • High Quality Output

    The converted files keep exactly the same formatting and resolution as the original files. Enjoy a lossless conversion and a high-quality display of your files!

  • User-friendly Interface

    The program has a clean and intuitive interface which helps users easily manage their PDF files.

We provide PDF solutions to 1,000,000+ clients, here are a few of our customer testimonials

Highly Recommend Rating

I've been searching for an excellent PDF to Word converter for a long time, and finally found Apowersoft PDF Converter, which is perfect on performance.


Very Good Rating

Most of the time in my work, I need to convert Word to PDF, and this program helps me quickly do the conversion. I also recommend it to my colleagues.


Excellent Rating

The program is very nice for people like me. I don't like complicated stuff, and this PDF converter has saved me. It is easy to use. Keep on working!


Convert PDF in 3 Steps

  • Step 1: Add PDF files

  • Step 2: Choose output format

  • Step 3: Start converting

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Apowersoft PDF Converter

Easily Convert PDF to Word, Excel, and other formats, as well as compress, OCR, and merge PDF, etc.

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