Released in 2007, BBC iPlayer is a popular online video streaming service for people in UK. It enjoys great popularity for the various channels and TV shows it provides. And it supports a wide range of devices from Windows, Mac OS to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many others. Though stream video on BBC iPlayer is great, sometimes the video seems to buffer endlessly, thus you may want to record BBC iPlayer for offline watching.

In fact, BBC iPlayer provides a built-in downloader for its users to save the streaming video in their local disk. However, the downloaded videos will expire and be deleted automatically after 30 days. In this case, you may wonder the solutions below to record those BBC iPlayer videos and keep them on your computer permanently.

Three Feasible Solutions to Record iPlayer Stream

#1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro (Windows)

For those who want to capture iPlayer stream easily with high quality, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a good choice. Being simple yet powerful, it gives you the ability to record any screen activity with different audio input within a few clicks. And it provides different recording modes for you to choose from including Region, Full Screen, Web Camera, Around Mouse and Only Audio. Plus, this application also enables you to take screenshots, upload videos, or even create schedule tasks for recording.

recording modes
As you’d expected, recording BBC iPlayer video is also feasible with this program. It’s indeed a worth trying application. You can download it from below and give it a try! To know more about how to record from iPlayer, you can refer to the guide below.


  • Launch this program and configure some settings in “Options” before recording. From here, you can select the directory folder, output video format, hotkeys and more.
  • Then you can navigate to the webpage of iPlayer stream video you want to record.
  • Back to this screen recording program and drop down the “Record” menu to choose one recording mode as you want. If region mode is selected, you can drag your mouse along the video you want to capture and release the mouse, click “OK”. Then the iPlayer video will be recorded.
  • Whenever you want to finish recording, simply press the stop recording hotkey or click the red stop button on the toolbar.

record BBC iPlayer

Above are the detailed steps to record from BBC iPlayer using this screen recorder. For your convenience, its online version is also available for use without any charge. Simply go to the webpage of this online screen recorder and hit the blue “Start Recording” to run the program. Wait till the java pops up and hit “Run”. Once done, this program will appear on your screen. And then you can use it as well.

#2. CamStudio (Windows)

Another tool that can be used to make screencast on Windows and save in AVI and FLV format is CamStudio. Despite the fact that it does not comes with many powerful functions, it’s indeed simple to use. Similar to the former application, CamStudio also allows for annotating screen with different shapes, text and others, just like the Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Also, this program works great on recording videos from BBC iPlayer, simply check the steps below to learn how to use it to do this trick.

  • Download this tool from its official webpage and install it.
  • Run it and click “Options” to change the default settings as you wish.
  • Once these settings are done, Stream the video in iPlayer and click the red record button at the left top corner of CamStudio.
  • Stop the recording when the video is over.

record with CamStudio

#3. Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder (Mac)

Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder is a simple to use screencasting program available on Mac OS. Similar to other screen capture applications, it can record any portion of the screen with a few clicks. Audio input from system sound and microphone can also be captured. Moreover, it also supports converting videos to various video and audio formats. It can also merge video files into one. And if you desire to record iPlayer video on Mac, this is a nice choice for you. You can follow the steps below to record from iPlayer.


  • Download and install this program to your Mac.
  • Click “Options” to configure some settings.
  • Open the iPlayer video you like and then back to this program.
  • Press the “Record” button to begin recording and select the desirable mode, then play the video.
  • Simply press stop whenever you want to finish the recording.

record iPlayer on Mac

Those are the three recommended ways to record BBC iPlayer Video on Windows and Mac. Among them, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a better choice as it’s simple to use and provides more useful functions as compared with CamStudio. Moreover, it offers both online and desktop version for use.

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