On December 5th, 2016, Apowersoft proudly announced the release of ApowerMirror. The program is designed to provide an extraordinary user experience for Android and iOS devices owners in playing mobile games, enjoying mobile videos as well as working with mobile apps. It allows Android and iOS phone users to display the phone screen onto PC. Better yet, with the application, people could control the Android phones from the computer. Additionally, it provides capturing function, which could satisfy users’ need for recording the operations on the device.

To know more about its excellent functions, check the details below.


Highlighted Features

Stream Android/iPhone Screen to PC

More and more people want to watch the stuff on a bigger screen. Thus, ApowerMirror enables people to mirror phone to PC with high quality. The image displayed on the computer will be adjusted according to the changes of the phone screen. Users could take the advantage of this function to stream videos, share photos and present files to more audience.

Mirror Mobile

Control Android on the Computer

For Android phone owners, you can do more than streaming phone screen to PC. Once connect your mobile to the computer, you can use the phone on your PC.

Open Apps and Play the Games

You can use the mouse to click on apps on your smartphones, check the information on the apps. What’s more, you can play the mobile games like Clash Royale without tapping buttons on your small-screen phone.

Play the Game on PC

Type and Send Messages

For most people, typing messages on the phone wastes more time than doing that on the computer. And the keyboard on the phone screen is quite small, some people might press the wrong word while texting. With this program, you can use the computer’s keyboard to send SMS, WhatsApp and many more kinds of messages from the computer.

Check Notifications

When you are concentrating on working on PC, you would rather not be interrupted by the actions of constantly picking up the phone and reading sorts of notifications. ApowerMirror could save your time and bring you convenience. After pairing your phone with the computer, go to “Settings” on the desktop interface and enable the program to read all notifications, and then the prompts shown on your phone screen will be able to appear on your PC.

Message and Notification

Screenshot and Screen Recording

Since you can play the games on the computer, you may not want to miss the chance to show off this awesome skill. The program has some additional functions, such as screenshot and screen recording. In that case, you can capture your result directly from PC during the game and record a video about how you defeat the enemy to share with others.

Screenshot and Record

Now you’ve already known how amazing this program is. You can try it now and if you find any puzzles or have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us.


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