How to Download Steam Video

How to Download Steam Video

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Nowadays, many people would like to have fun by playing games because they can kill the boring time and make friends with like-minded persons through this platform. Although game players sit in front of a computer at home, they are able to bring the virtual life into reality. Under the basis of a good game website, these people form groups of community and interact with each other in their circle. Steam is such a kind of game website, which has been widely popular all over the world.

Many Steam enthusiasts are not satisfied to enjoy games online, they would also like to enjoy the Steam video when offline so as to keep the video games as a favorite collection for offline viewing or learning.Then, what is the best way to download Steam games? Seldom solutions can be found from internet to download the games as many tools are unable to support the format. No worries that here will give methods to save the game to your computer.

Two methods to save Steam to your computer

Video download capture

Steam games download is not difficult if you have Video Download Capture. It is a professional downloader, which supports to download Steam videos, record screen and convert video to other formats. The tool is specialized in downloading area that it supports to download videos under different streaming media protocols and video sites. No doubt that game video from the website of Steam is able to be downloaded successfully. However, if the videos are opened to premium members, it’s impossible to download because the videos have been encrypted or protected when upload. In the face of this circumstance users can take account of an alternative method – record screen to save the video. Anyway, to experience the tool, you can download and install it first.



If the videos you want to download are free or decoded, you can use this tool to download Steam games directly from the site. The process is very simple that the following will give detailed instructions.

  • Open the software after you install it.
  • The auto-detector is activated by default and don’t turn it off.
  • Play the favorite video and the program will detect the video file automatically.
  • After it captures the video, it will pop up a window requiring for format selection, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV and many others. Choose a preferred one, and then it will start to download.

Download Steam


If the videos have been encrypted or protected when uploaded, you can record screen activity to save the video also. It is wise to download Steam to your PC using this method. Moreover, you can record screen activity with or without audio, as well as customize the screen region. The process is very simple that you can refer to the followings.

  • Turn to the second tab of “Record Screen”
  • Customize the screen you are going to record, by choosing “with or without audio” or by tailoring record region; you can also record audio only with output format within the range of MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC.
  • Click “Start” and you’ll need to select region area.
  • Drag the cursor to personalize record screen and you can record according to the commonly applicable ratio of 16:9 or 4:3, as you can upload videos under this ratio to the video-sharing website like YouTube
  • Click “OK” and then it will start to record

Tips: After acquire the skill of how to download steam, there is also another function that you should know- conversion. Many people want to transfer the video to portable device but worry about incompatible problem, under this condition you needn’t worry if you have known this skill. Video Download Capture supports to convert the video to many other formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV, SWF and others. With this program, you can transfer the game video to your mobile phone like Iphone after you convert it to correct format. It’s very convenient for you to watch video without location or bandwidth limitation.

Download Steam for Mac

If you are a Mac user, the aforementioned tool may not be suitable as Mac computer requires specially designed software to match with its unique operating system. Many Mac users complain that there are seldom solutions provided when search from Internet. However, here is a best solution you can try, Apowersoft Video Download Capture for Mac. You needn’t worry about any incompatibilities because this advanced tool is seamlessly matched with Mac system. It runs smoothly and flawlessly on Mac computer that the video can be downloaded at an accelerated speed. You can use it after download and install it first.


  • Run the program.
  • Copy video link.
  • Click on “Paste URL” button.
  • Choose a preferred format when it pops up window asking for format choice.
  • Click “OK” and then it will start to download.

Download Steam Mac

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