Tutorials on how to download Detective Conan

Tutorials on how to download Detective Conan

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First released on January 19, 1994, Detective Conan (also called Case Closed) has been taking the world by storm. The story follows an amateur detective named Jimmy Kudo, who was turned into a child while investigating the Black Organization. This manga became so popular that it was adapted into anime episodes (seasons1-16-current), 17 animated feature movies, 4 live action drama TV specials and other media forms.

Detective Conan had been shown in America, Europe, Asia and many other places long before. More and more people became interested in its cases and want to download Detective Conan anime on their PC for personal collection. For this need, this article will come up with three ways to download this anime depending on where to download them.

How to download Detective Conan:

Download Detective Conan free from YouTube

To download the anime from YouTube, you can make use of Apowersoft Free Online Video Downloader. It is a free online downloader with some other extra functions like converting and recording videos. You can follow the steps below to download this anime.

Navigate to YouTube, search and play the episode of this anime you want, copy its link. Open the online downloader, paste the video’s link into the address bar and click “Download”. There will be several formats for you to choose on the download page. Select one and start downloading.

Free Online Downloader

This application also gives you an option to search videos by entering keywords. So you can simply input relevant keywords to search and download Detective Conan episodes. It is really convenient.

However, Detective Conan episodes on YouTube are in chaos, and it’s a little difficult if you want to download them in order. In this case, you can turn to anime websites that present this anime in an organized way.

Save Detective Conan from anime sites

You can find this manga from a lot of anime sites, such as Animefreak, Animeultima, and Anime44 etc. The method of downloading it is in the following.

A comprehensive app for Windows users

Video Download Capture is a powerful downloader; it not only can download videos from tons of websites, but also has the function of recording screen. What’s more, it enables you to convert your videos to different formats, which will make it easy when you want to add them to your gadgets. To utilize this application, you should firstly install it on your PC.


After installation, follow the steps below to download Detective Conan.

  • Open this program. Its “Video Detector” which is activated by default will detect any videos being played on the screen.
  • Go to those anime sites; find your Detective Conan episodes or movies.
  • Play the episodes or movies. The videos being played will be automatically added to the download list in an instant. This app supports 20 simultaneous downloads.

Video Download Capture

If you want the steps be more intuitive, you can watch this demo:

Tips: If you want to embed other languages other than English into the episodes, then you can resort to this program’s edit function located under “Convert”. Press “Add” on “Convert” interface to import an episode, hit “Video Edit”, choose “Subtitle” and check “Enable Subtitle”. At last, plug in the right subtitle, press “OK” and click “Start” to go. You can check the result with its built-in player when the process is done.

A professional downloader for Mac users

The multifunctional program above is for windows users, as for Mac users, there is Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac. It allows you to download videos from various websites. This app is more than just a downloader, you can also use it to convert videos to other formats and do some basic edits to videos. Please install it before any other moves.


Launch this program. It gives you two ways to download Detective Conan episodes. Check them out in the following:


Download the anime manually

Navigate to one anime site that has Detective Conan anime. Search this anime and find the episode you want, copy its URL, resume to the interface of this downloader, and click “Paste URL”. This episode will appear in the download queue instantly.


Grab the anime automatically

Go to “Detector” interface, navigate to one anime site, find and play the episode you want to download. The episode being played will be added to the download list at once.

Download Conan on Mac

Tips: If you want to add the downloaded Detective Conan anime to your portable gadgets for playback offline, then you can turn to this tool’s convert function. It has various formats for you to choose, such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI etc. All you need to do is to import the episodes and convert them to the formats that match your gadgets.

Get Detective Conan in another way

Aside from YouTube and anime websites, you can also download Detective Conan movies and episodes from some torrent sites. In order to download them, you should firstly download Utorrent software on your PC. After installation, go to torrent sites that contain this anime. Click “download” to save them to local disc when you find the anime. However, resources of this anime on these sites are also not in order and most of them get large sizes which will take a long time to complete the downloading. What’s more, this app only supports downloading utorrent files and it has no convert function.

All in all, this post offers three ways to download Detective Conan. One is getting this anime from YouTube by a free online downloader, another one is downloading it from anime sites by pro-tools, and the last one is saving it from torrent sites by Utorrent. Compare these three ways together, we can find that the second one is the best because the resources of this anime are organized, the downloading steps are easier and the download application provides other useful functions.

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