About Software Service and Proprietary Rights

1. Apowersoft is the leading software provider. We are specialized in developing high-quality mobile/ PC/Mac data solution software, multimedia software, PDF solutions, diagram software, Utilities tools etc. with AI technology.

2. Users enjoy access to software services (Web & Applications) during the licensing period. For customers who build a partnership with us, we also provide them with software customization service including the data storage, data transmission, etc.

3. We are aiming to provide customers with software Design, Development, Maintenance and Update, as well as the software consulting service. If users have any specific requirement for software solutions, we will keep offering more efficient experience and improving the performance.

4. If the customers want to download the application via our website or use the non-downloadable services online, you can enjoy the consultation customer service anytime. Please feel free to contact our Support Center. If you cannot find the solution there, then please use this online form. You can also call us at (+1) 2403356666 or Online Support will be pleased to help!