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Apowersoft Mac Screenshot, a full-fledged screenshot application available on Mac OS X, makes it simple enough to take a screenshot of anything displayed on Mac. This comes in handy when you need to create the screenshots for sharing the high game score you achieved, your favorite video frames, bug for troubleshooting and more. Aside from taking snapshots on Mac, making annotations and sharing screenshots is likewise flexible with this application. This is due to the fact that it comes with built-in uploader and instant image editor which can be used for adding annotations like arrows, rectangle, brush and text. Anyway, it enables you to communicate efficiently and conveniently, whether for work, home or fun.

  • Snapshot anything displayed on Mac screen
  • Integrated intelligent window detection
  • Annotate screenshot as you'd wish
  • Upload and share image with one click
  • Screen magnifier to enhance readability
  • Multiple screenshot outputs


screenshot anything on Mac screen

Screenshot anything you see on Mac screen

Featuring simple and intuitive interface, this Mac screenshot tool gives you the possibility to take snapshot of anything displayed on Mac easily by clicking a button or utilizing shortcut keys. It comes with an all in one screenshot mode to fulfil your different requirement of capturing full screen, browser webpages, application menu, specific window or other customized rectangle region without any hassle.

detect window automatically

Detect window automatically when capturing

In addition, this Mac OS screenshot software is also available for detecting the application window intelligently. This is great when you prefer to snapshot the application window, as you can simply moving the cursor over the window you want to capture and then clicking it, rather than clicking and dragging the mouse to screenshot it.

annotate screenshots

Apply image retouching elements to screenshot

In addition to the simplicity in taking screenshot on Mac, one big advantage Apowersoft Mac Screenshot offers is image annotation. In case that you may desire to make annotations to the screenshots for better conveying your ideas & concept or personalizing images, it lets you edit the images in terms of adding rectangle, ellipse, arrows and texts to the captured image, depending on your needs.

upload screenshots to cloud

Upload screenshots to free cloud space

Unlike other Mac snapshot tools which only let you save the image to clipboard or local drive, this Mac screenshot tool also allows for uploading image to the cloud space provided by screenshot.net. It's totally free of charge and registration. Once uploaded, you are allowed to share the screenshots to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others with a click of mouse. Moreover, four kinds of image links are provided for inserting to blog, forum or directly sending via instant messages.

Screen magnifier for capture

Screen magnifier for grabbing precisely

For convenience, this Mac OS screenshot application has a built-in screen magnifier that designed for detailed view and virtually impaired. When you drag along a region to screenshot on Mac, it appears along with your capture frame and can be used to zoom in the current region. In this way, you can zoom in a region and capture the enlarged area.

various image outputs

Support various image outputs

Once you've taken a screenshot successfully, you can save it as PNG image file on desktop, copied to clipboard or even uploaded to the free cloud space. This indeed depends on your needs, you can save it as image file in computer for future reference. For sending via instant messages or inserting to documents, then copying to clipboard is more proper. While if you prefer sharing via social network or posting to blog, forum, uploading would be the best choice.

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