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Call log or history is the important feature of any cell phone which stores important information on the dialed calls, missed calls or received calls. Although the call log is a mere feature, there is a lot of importance associated to it. For instance, it’s easier to call someone from the call log. Secondly, with this feature, you can easily access your missed calls. Basically, the call log feature tracks the number of people you have called, the number of calls you have missed and those you have received.

For the iPhone users, this type of data registered in the call history is very important. However, you may accidentally delete your call log resulting in complete loss of data stored in this feature. Accidental deletion may happen if the user mistakenly hits the ‘clean recent’ option or through a complete factory reset of the device and in most cases if the device breaks. In these cases, call history may seem very important especially if you hadn’t saved a contact into your phonebook. Therefore this prompts you to search the easiest way to restore iPhone call log. Please enjoy the following easiest ways to recover your deleted call log from iPhone.

The effective ways to retrieve deleted call log on iPhone

iTunes and iCloud Backup

Both iTunes and iCloud are simply cloud storage services that provide backup for iPhone users. Here, you can backup your iPhone data including notes, call log or any other important data. If you constantly update your backup to iTunes and iCloud, you can retrieve old call history from iPhone without any hassles. Basically, connect either to iTunes or iCloud, log in and restore the iPhone call log from the backup. Immediately your call log/history is updated on your iPhone and you can retrace all your dialed, missed or received calls with ease.

iPhone call history recovery software – iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery is a product that has been manufactured for Apple iPhone users. Since accidental deletions happen all the time, with this tool will help you restore recent calls on iPhone. In the event of a jailbreak, accidental deletion, factory reset, upgrade or update, you can rely on this software to restore all your deleted data from the iPhone which includes call logs, notes, memos and much more.


For the iPhone users who don’t backup their data, this software comes in handy. If you accidentally deleted your iPhone call log or you lose your data because the system is inaccessible, you can easily retrieve call history from iPhone using iPhone Data recovery. Without any difficulty, the software retrieves the data directly from your iPhone and updates it immediately.

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On the other hand, if you use iTunes backup to keep extra copies of your call history, in the event of accidental call lists loss you can restore iPhone call log immediately. However, in order for this iPhone call history recovery software to work effectively, make sure your device is not synced to the iTunes Backup since this may result in complete loss of data.

Other features of this shareware include the following:

  • Allows you to preview whatever data you may want to restore before the actual process. Basically, you can preview your call history before you do the actual restoration.
  • It has a very simple and easy to use interface which makes it very easy even for amateurs.
  • The software is not limited only to iPhones but can support other iOS devices. It also supports operating systems such as Windows and Mac among others.

It’s not easy to prevent accidental deletions of data, however, thanks to various services and software such as iPhone Data Recovery, iCloud and iTunes Backup you can prevent any complete loss of data whether iPhone call log or any other important data in your iPhone.

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