Even with all the benefits of having a touch screen, the iPhone has one crucial fault: it’s far too easy to accidentally press something. How many times have you opened an app when you wanted to close it? How many times have you pressed the wrong app and immediately floundered to get back to the main screen? And how many times have you accidentally deleted an important voicemail?

This last one can be a big problem. However, there are ways to recover deleted voicemail on iPhone. Here are two simple ways to do it.

Way 1: How to recover lost iPhone voice messages by applying a feature on iPhone

First, go to the “Phone” app. From there, you need to go to the “Voicemail” section, like you usually do when you want to check voicemails. If you have any deleted voicemails that are able to be recovered, there will be a button called “Deleted Messages” down at the bottom of the list.

restore deleted voicemail from iPhone 4S

Tap on that, and you will go through to a list of deleted voicemails. Find the one that you want to retrieve, press it and an “Undelete” option will come up. All you have to do is tap it and the voicemail will be sent back to your regular inbox. Note that this works to restore deleted voicemail from iPhone 4S as well as 4.

Way 2: If you have tapped ‘Cleared All’, use the Apowerful iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted voicemail on iPhone

The previous way works well if the messages are still in the deleted messages section, but if you have accidentally pressed ‘clear all’, you cannot use it. You may think that your messages have disappeared into the void when you hit that button, but there are programs that can recover cleared voice message on iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and all of their predecessors.


The iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool for seeking out and recovering lost files, returning them is pristine condition. It is a very simple, guided process. You choose whether you want to search the device itself or the iTunes backup and press start. It’s an easy task from there to choose what files you want it to recover.

recover lost iPhone voice messages

You can not only recover lost iPhone voice messages, but get back accidentally deleted photos, contacts and call lists. It has all kinds of uses, but what is really important to you is that you get that important voicemail back.

Using this method to recover deleted iPhone voice mails has three major benefits:

  • You can recover large numbers of files at a time
  • The process is majorly automated, and thus it’s a lot faster
  • You can preview files before you recover them.

And the iPhone Data Recovery program is also very useful as a just-in-case precaution. It is a safety net to catch all of the files that may go missing, not least to recover deleted voicemail on iPhone.

Setting up Voicemail

With the iPhone’s visual voicemail feature, setting up voicemail has become much simpler. Go to the voicemail tab in the Phone app. It will prompt you to create a password and record a greeting. Follow the prompts and record your greeting. You are able to listen to your recording before choosing to continue, and you can rerecord it if you wish.

You can change your greeting at any time by simply returning to the voicemail tab and selecting Greeting. If you want, you can also opt to play an alert sound for voicemail. This can be adjusted in the Sounds section of iPhone Settings.

It’s a simple process to recover iPhone visual voicemails once you have your visual voicemails set up. Using either of the above methods, depending on your circumstances, you can be safe in the knowledge that any accidentally deleted files are just a few finger taps or mouse clicks away.

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