One way of immortalizing a moment in one’s life is by capturing it in a photograph. Back in the days, photos can be stored physically in a photo album. However, since the introduction of digital files, storing photos became more convenient. Digital photos are more convenient because you can take and view them anywhere you want. Aside from that, you can send them to someone instantly over the internet. The only dilemma that you’ll face though, is file corruption. When this happens, you have no choice but to delete the photos. But don’t worry as we have reviewed some photo recovery software that you can use if you face this issue.

Photo Recovery Softwares

ApowerRecover (Windows and Mac)

Price: Monthly – $49.95; Annual – $79.95; Lifetime – $139.95

apowerrecover photo recovery software
Key features:
  • Supports batch file recovery
  • Provides a deep scan option
  • Preview files before recovering

First tool on our list is ApowerRecover. This desktop application offers one of the most robust recovery options in this list because of its “Deep Scan” feature. Aside from that, you’ll be able to recover photos from non-native storage like external hard drives and USB flash drives using this tool. Technically, this is not a free photo recovery software because you will need to activate it first to use the recover feature. On that other hand, you have the scan option available under the free version which is a great consolation.

Stellar Data Recovery (Windows and Mac)

Price: Standard – 29.99; Professional – $59.99; Premium – $79.99

stellar free photo recovery software
Key features:
  • Recover files from CD and DVD
  • Staggered recovery feature
  • Supports email recovery

Another tool that you can use to recover deleted photos is Stellar Data Recovery. This is a utility software that lets you restore deleted files from different drives on your computer. Stellar Data Recovery provides a quick recovery solution for bootable drives, native hard drives and more. Without a doubt, this tool belongs to the best photo recovery software department.

Recover My Files (Windows)

Price: One-time purchase – $69.95

recovermyfiles photo recovery
Key features:
  • High-speed partition recovery
  • Easy file searching with colored text filter
  • Multi-sorting feature

Recover My Files, as the name implies is recovery software that lets you restore deleted documents to their original location. It has a fast system that scans each drive in your PC within seconds. Aside from that, you have the option to recover multiple files at once. There is also a feature where you can view the thumbnails of the media files that you need to restore. If you want photo recovery software with simple yet effective features, then try this tool.

Recuva (Windows)

Price: Free; $19.95

best photo recovery software recuva
Key features:
  • Unsaved Word document recovery
  • Detect and recover files from broken external hard disk
  • Quick-Start Wizard for faster and simpler file recovery

Another tool that we have on the list is Recuva. This desktop recovery tool is one of the most popular names in the file recovery industry. The tool is free to download and use, but with limitations. If you want to remove these limitations, then you need to purchase the license and activate the software. On the other hand, Recuva is decent enough as a free photo recovery software so there is no need to purchase the license.

Disk Drill (Windows and Mac)

Price: One-time purchase – $89.00

disk drill
Key features:
  • Pause and continue scanning of the drive at a later time
  • Has a data recovery vault for data backup
  • Can locate lost partitions

True to its name, Disk Drill digs deep into your computer to find your lost photos. It can even scan your lost partitions for photos if you want. Recovering entire folders of photos using this tool is a lot easier too because of the batch recovery support. All in all, it is safe to say that we can include Disk Drill in the list of best photo recovery software.

PhotoRec (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Price: Free

Key features:
  • Easy to use DOS-based interface
  • Supports all types of image files
  • Open-source software

PhotoRec is a tool that specializes in recovery photos from any PC. The tool is open-source which means you can modify it if you have the knowledge. PhotoRec is similar to the TestDisk tool that runs on a DOS-based interface. Unlike other photo recovery software, PhotoRec doesn’t have a graphical interface which means there is no way to preview the photos. On the other hand, one can’t deny that this is still one exceptional photo recovery software because it is built for that purpose alone.

Remo Recover (Windows and Mac)

Price: Basic – $39.95; Media Edition – $49.97; Pro – $79.97

remo recover
Key features:
  • Dual scanning option
  • Recover photos without limits
  • Schedule a recovery date for scanned files

Remo Recover offers fast support to its users. However, the main reason why it is included in this list is mainly due to its powerful photo recovery capabilities. The tool can scan for images, and then immediately recover them. Alternatively, you can save the scan results, and then set a date and time to recover the files. This is a very convenient feature and is rarely present on other tools. However, this is not a free photo recovery software, which means you will need to purchase it.

R-Studio (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Price: $79.99

r studio photo recovery
Key features:
  • RAID reconstruction
  • Can create disk images
  • Hex Editor

R-Studio is a powerful undelete tool that is often used to recover files deleted by virus and malware. The thing about this tool is that it restores the file to the version before it got corrupted which is a real life-saver for many. This is perfect for photos that were corrupted and can no longer be used. When it comes to deleted and corrupted photos, R-Studio is the best photo recovery software that you can use.

Acronis Revive (Windows)

Price: $49.99

acronis revive
Key features:
  • Can create backup files
  • Provides cloud storage for more photo security

Acronis Revive is one of the few tools that provide cloud back-up. Aside from that, it can perform basic photo recovery options, like the preview, batch, and individual recovery. The tool also provides a detailed report of all things that you recovered and fails as well. The tool also provides a hexadecimal disk viewer which is one of its defining features. These are just some reasons why Acronis Revive is one of the best photo recovery software today.

Puran Data Recovery (Windows)

Price: $49.00

puran file recovery
Key features:
  • Control the scan speed
  • Retrieve files from RAW partition and storage

Last on the list is Puran Data Recovery. This tool has an interesting interface, as it provides a tree view of the deleted files that it scanned. It also has a deep scan feature that comprehensively scans the entire system for the missing file that you want to recover. The tool really is a great photo recovery software, because it can recover files, back to their original location before they got deleted.


There are many tools that you can use these days to recover lost photos. However, you are not guaranteed that the recovered images are not broken. That is why it is important to trust those who already established their reputations. On that note, the paid and free photo recovery software featured above, are perfect examples of working and tools with a good reputation. ApowerRecover for example offers premium features for a fraction of the cost which is a really great thing.

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