Just recently, Samsung unveiled its newest addition to the series of Galaxy models, the Samsung Galaxy S21. The latest version of the mobile phone offers excellent specs at a reasonable price. It provides outstanding performance, a great camera, and a new design. Speaking of which, since it comes with new specs, you may find yourself having difficulty familiarizing yourself with it. An easy way to avoid any issues is to mirror Samsung Galaxy S21 to PC. This way, you can check out its different specs on your computer and even use it for work or entertainment purposes.

Feasible Ways to Mirror Samsung Galaxy S21 to PC


screen mirror samsung galaxy s21 to pc

ApowerMirror is one of the tools that have the ability to screen mirror Samsung Galaxy S21 to PC easily. Using this tool, you can mirror your newest S21 to up to 4 devices all at once. It is also fully equipped with extra tools you can use while mirroring and these are screen recording, screen capturing, the ability to play mobile games using your computer’s keyboard and mouse, full screen, and drawing essentials. To use the app, you may follow the detailed guide below.

  • Get the app and install it on your S21 and PC.


  • Connect your devices under the same WiFi and launch the app.
    screen mirror samsung galaxy s21 to pc
  • On your phone, click the blue M button, tap the name of your PC, and press Start Now to begin mirroring.


cast samsung s21 phone to pc

The second tool that can help you mirror Samsung S21 to computer is LetsView. You can download and use this app free of charge. And even though it is a free screen mirroring application, it has several tools present on the paid applications like screen recording and taking screenshots during casting. Moreover, it can withstand hours of mirroring without delays, ads, or even glitches on the display.

  • Download and install LetsView on your phone and computer. You may use the download buttons provided below.


  • Start setting up the app by launching it and clicking the name of your PC from the list.
    mirror samsung galaxy s21 to pc
  • Then, just tap Start Now to mirror.

Wondershare MirrorGo

screen mirror samsung galaxy s21 to pc

Lastly, Wondershare MirrorGo is another amazing tool to cast Samsung S21 phone to PC. If you’re an avid gamer, this one suits you the most. It is carefully designed to mirror your mobile phones to pc and play mobile games by providing tools made especially for gaming like high definition full-screen display, record games, and syncing game data on your computer. However, this one is a paid application.

  • Install MirrorGo APK file on your Android device and download MirrorGo on PC on your computer.
    mirror samsung s21 to computer
  • Launch the app and connect your S21 to PC via WiFi or USB cable to mirror.


Using a new phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 with all its new great features may be hard to familiarize yourself with at first. These noteworthy tools we’ve found will surely help you explore your mobile device and even accompany you with your computer needs.

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