iQOO may be a new kid on the block but this rising brand of a smartphone can go along with tenure brands. It’s fast, reliable, and very efficient. It even comes with enhanced features for an amazing gaming experience. But if you want to fully enjoy your mobile phone and use it all day long without draining its battery, we suggest that you mirror it to another device such as your computer. In case you’re wondering what the screen mirroring app for IQOO Phone is, we’ve made a list below for you to start browsing.

Screen Mirroring Applications Compatible to iQOO Phone


apowermirror on iqoo phone pc and tv

ApowerMirror is an application compatible with both iOS and Android devices, hence a good screen mirror app for IQOO Phone. It features mainstream mirroring technology that automatically mirrors your device with audio. Moreover, ApowerMirror can mirror up to 4 devices simultaneously without experiencing any screen delays. It is equipped with pre-set virtual keys you can use if you would like to use your keyboard and mouse when mirroring on a computer. On top of that, this application also has several built-in keys to use while mirroring such as screen recording, screen capturing, painting tools, full-screen mode, and many more.


letsview on iqoo and pc

LetsView is another screen sharing app for IQOO Phone. It can stand long hours of screen mirroring without producing any chromatic aberration on the screen perfect for watching videos and playing games. LetsView is fully equipped with built-in tools as well including screen recording, screen capturing, and drawing tools. The best thing about this app is its friendly user interface which is easy to familiarize yourself with. Also, this app is available completely free of charge, ideal for our budget-friendly needs.


anydesk phone and pc interface

AnyDesk is one of the best screen mirroring app for IQOO. It’s an application that works almost everywhere and anywhere. It’s widely used by professionals to remotely connect with other devices and even solve technical issues on the mirrored device. Other than mirroring, AnyDesk has a built-in file transfer feature, whiteboard, and a screen recorder.

Reflector 4

reflector 4 interface iqoo phone

Reflector 4 is a powerful application to wirelessly mirror your iQOO phone to another device. It provides the combination of advanced mirroring technology to deliver high-quality mirroring. Reflector 4 is a great tool to do multi-device screen mirroring giving users the ultimate collaborative content-sharing experience. Some of its built-in features include screen recording and voiceover audio.


airserver interface on pc

AirServer is probably one of the most advanced screen mirroring applications these days. It can turn any device into a universal mirroring receiver and it also automatically connects audio when mirroring. It’s also a great avenue to stream media content on your iQOO phone like music, videos, and even PDF files and word documents.


All the tools we’ve listed in this article are highly compatible with iQOO. It’s all up to you which one will be your favorite mirroring companion. Each of the tools is easy to use and comes with extra features.

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