While you are exciting about the reveal of iOS 13 and MacOS Catalina, Minecraft Earth is also about to come out as the GPS-based AR game, which may attract more gamers, like Pokémon GO fans, to go outside and explore the real world. Can’t wait to find out more about Minecraft Earth? Let’s read on and know every details of Minecraft Earth release date, gameplay, price and more!

When is Minecraft Earth Coming out ?!

Minecraft Earth Release Date

This newest Minecraft installment is expected to be out to the public this summer of 2019. It will come out anytime soon. Good news is that the Minecraft Earth beta’s release date appears to be earlier that the stable version. And reviews about this beta version are already out there. Simply googling the beta version and you will have a general of what the actual game may look like.

Minecraft Earth Gameplay

The major difference between this mobile version and the previous release is that the latest version is integrated with AR technology, which means the user must move around in real time to obtain, reach, and build the virtual world. It’s quite similar to the AR tech that Pokémon Go has, but applies the tech to Minecraft world this time.


The game offers two game modes.The first one is build mode where you can save what you constructed with your friends. The second mode for Minecraft Earth gameplay is play mode. Although nothing can be saved under this mode, you can still enjoy destroying each others’ building works.

Minecraft Earth Price

Minecraft Earth is a free game, thus, both iOS and Android devices are supported and you don’t need to worry about the Minecraft Earth Price. Nevertheless, if you want a smooth and decent AR gaming experience, you’ll need a device running on iOS 10 or Android 7.0 at least.

minecraft price

Extra Tips For You

Those are the initial Minecraft Earth updates for everyone who loves Minecraft. If you are itching to try it out in advance, you can give the beta version a try. According to what the Minecraft Earth’s developer says, the items collected within the beta version will be brought back when the game upgraded to official version. And below are some extra tips for your future Minecraft Earth gameplay:

game tips
  • Make sure that your mobile devices running on iOS and Android system which are ready for fluent AR gaming experience.
  • It is a bonus if you have played other Minecraft versions before, and you may take less time to get the hang of the new version’s playing skills.Thus, you can have a try for the existing version and experience the pixelated world ahead of time.
  • When playing outside, be careful for your surroundings around your house so as to avoid any possible harms or accidents since all the players are able to destroy what each other builds under the play mode.
  • To keep your gameplay for 100%, you can choose a free screen recorder like ApowerREC to save all the gaming highlights and interactions.

  • Most importantly, limit your playtime to avoid addiction into the game and stay productive.
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