From the word itself, highlight videos are type of videos that are made to emphasize a certain scene. Most of these scenes contain spectacular moments or triumph that needs to be pointed up. This kind of videos frequently contains sport related content from NFL, MLB, NBA, and the like. Individuals that use highlight videos are most of the time sport fanatics that wants to share the accomplishment of their patronized team. Moreover, a lot of these highlight videos can be seen on various video sharing sites across the World Wide Web. As the number of sport fan increases, they expect the number of highlight videos to accelerate as well. But if you are a sport enthusiast and wants to create a highlight video, do you have an idea on these videos are made?

Great ways to make a highlight video

To make a highlight video is not a hard task to do if you have the necessary pieces for your project. In making a highlight video it is advisable to concentrate on a one objective only, it can be a certain team, a sport, etc. For you to understand more about the process of making this kind of video, an elaborated discussion is will be provided as I continue.

highlight video

Method 1 Create a highlight video while recording

Gathering all of the videos clips needed for a making a highlight video is the most crucial part of this project. That is why it is important to use only the reliable program for grabbing videos online. A perfect tool for this is the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder; this recorder is powerful enough to aid you in collecting all sort of video for your project. Aside from this program also has a built in editing tools that can be utilized in illuminating a specific sequence of the video. There are times that slowing the video speed is not enough to signify a certain moment on the videos, this is where editing is needed. By using Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder you can easily add arrows, lines, rectangles or circles to accentuate your video while recording a video.

highlight videos while recording

Method 2 Create a highlight video after recording

Add credit, title, captions and transitions effects to highlight

If you want to highlight a certain portion of the videos that you recorded after grabbing the videos, then you can easily do this with a help of a video editor. One of the popular free video editors that can be use is the Windows Movie Maker. There are a lot to things that can be done to create a highlight effect with a video editor, you can add caption, add text, special transitions, and effects. Just make it sure that you only use the necessary effects for your project and not on the extent of exaggerating it.

add caption to highlight

Speed or slow the video to highlight

Other way of how to make highlight videos is by putting emphasis to a sequence by means of slowing or speeding up the playback speed. This action can also be done with a free tool such as a video editor. In a Windows Movie Maker this can be done by hitting the Edit tab and modify the speed of the video, you can choose from different speed range that fits you desire.

On the other hand, if you want to add a replay effect for your highlight video, then you can do this by simply splitting the part that you want to be played again. Now copy this split part and paste it, do this depending to the number of times you want it to be played. Don’t overuse this effect for repeating a certain part more than two to three times may spoil your highlight.

speed up video clips

These are the most often used ways in creating highlight videos. In making a video such as this, it is not all about putting all of the video clips together but also by placing a highlight to a specific section of the video where it must be placed. Some failed in their project for they missed the part where the highlight should be placed. Overall, this is a process that can be perfected with practice, just be patient enough, and don’t be afraid to do trial and error.

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