Podcast is a prerecorded audio series or radio program that is uploaded on the Internet. It is streamed on podcast sites and can be syndicated on different sites. People can download a podcast to their computer and transfer it on their mobile device or MP3 player. It is often used to provide news and information. But this is not its only function these days as podcasts are also used for company commercials, celebrity interviews, as well as sports highlights. If you are interested in hosting your own series or program, there are different ways on how to record a podcast.

Online Ways to Record a Podcast

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

You can access this online podcast recorder at no cost by going to Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. This is one of the best free audio recorders that you can use, because it has a user friendly interface and it is easy to use. Click the Start recording button on the page and a new window will show up, which contains your options. It provides multiple audio inputs, so you can record audio from computer, microphone or both of them.


Once it finished, your audio file will be automatically saved to MP3, which you can find on the file list. This is the standard audio format that is compatible with most media players and devices so it is the perfect format for your podcast. Of course, you can choose other default output formats like WMA, WAV, OGG and AAC by changing the Options in Tools tab. The good news is that this podcast recorder does not have any limit on the length and number of audio that you can record, so you can make as many podcasts as you want.


Audacity is a free software that you can use for creating your podcast. This is also easy to use, as you just have to connect your microphone to the computer, open Audacity and start recording. It can also be used to edit your audio file, so you don’t need a separate program for that. Unlike an online recorder, it does not require Internet connectivity. However, it needs to be downloaded and installed before you can use it, which is a one-time process.


3 Free Hosting Service for Podcast

Once done with your podcast recording, you need to find a site that provides hosting service for podcasts. There are several free podcast hosting sites available online including the following.


This is one of the most popular podcast hosting sites where you can upload your podcasts for free. Sign up for a free account by going to its homepage and clicking on the sign up link. Select the basic membership if you want to use the service for free. Give all the information required and once done, click on publish a podcast tab to upload your recorded audio file. You can also check out other users’ podcasts and subscribe to those that you like.



This is a site for podcasters, music producers, artists and bands, which you can use. If you completed recording a podcast, you can use this site to upload your audio files. Sign up for an account, log in, click the upload button, browse the file and choose if you want to it to be private or public.



This is an easy to use site for uploading podcasts. You can sign up for a free account on the site but it also offers the option to sign up with your Facebook account. Click on create a podcast and select the audio files that you wish to upload. Click start upload, enter title and description, choose an image and publish.


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