Extracting an audio from movie is an activity where everyone tends to do especially those movie enthusiasts. It is also becoming popular since this audio piece can easily be transfer and use or play with portable devices such as smart phones and the likes. There are various reasons why people want to do that. For some individual this process will allow them to get a specific dialogue or scene that for them is memorable, while others are after the comic part of the movie such as the Hulk and Loki scene in the Avengers, and others may simply do this for preservation and safe keeping. Moreover, when you want to extract sound from movie, be sure to use only the finest methods available to avoid any troubles and confusion.

Three best ways to extract audio from movie

If you are a movie lover and you badly want to keep an audio copy of the movie that you like, then worry no more for here are the best movie sound extracting tools that can meet your demands.

For online movies:


Streaming Audio Recorder

The first application that you can make use of is the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. This powerful movie sound extractor is capable of performing any of your online audio recording needs, which includes audio ripping from a movie. By using this tool you can record the audio of the full movie or you can select a certain part that you like.


Unlike others, this recorder is very easy to use and the only thing that you need is to run it on your system, play the movie that you want and click the On button from the recorder will instantly grab the audio that is being played. You can also choose the audio file format that you want for your output which is awesome.


Online Audio Converter

Another program that we can use for online movie is the Online Audio Converter. This is a basic recorder that is design solely for audio recording. It has a simple interface that can be use by anyone. With the help of this program you can record any audio part of the movie that you like, and in case you don’t have an on hand copy of the movie then you can just make use of the URL of the movie where it was share online. In spite of its success as a recorder, there is still a concern which is pointed with this tool. This issue is about its reliability since online converter can easily be interrupted due to network instability and browser compatibility.

Extract audio

For local movie files:

On the other hand, if the movie that you want to process is already saved on your local disk or computer, then the best program that you can utilize is the Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. This is a professional program with numerous functions under its arsenal. To extract sound from movie using this program, all you need is to open the video converter, then add the movie that you want and convert it. The advantage that you can get from this program is the fact that it will enable you to convert movie to many types of audio file formats at the fastest speed. And you’re able to replace the original audio track with new one, besides extracting audio from movies. The updated version provides more practical functions to use, including downloading web videos, recording computer screen, making music video, editing video files, etc. Get out more detailed info from its official page.

Video Converter

Free streaming movie websites

In an event that you are looking for a lot more movie streaming webpage for free, then better try these:

1. Crackle

If you love watching movie all night long then you must try this site. This movie streaming site has a huge collection of movie that you can watch which you can grab the audio later on for some punch line.

2. Viewster

It is a simply adorable webpage that caters numerous movie collections from local movies to the international entries. The entire movie thumbnails are shown in their home page so finding the movie that you desire is much easier to do.

3. 1 Channel

Another cool streaming site that is out in the World Wide Web, this page has massive number of movies under its data base, which includes old and recently launched movies. It is surely a good site to visit.

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