Spotify is a p2p service that allows its users to stream music via the cloud. It works as a desktop application and provides you an exhaustive library of music which lets you access, organize and share with your friends through an intuitive, streamlined and simple interface. It has recently incorporated an offline mode into its application that lets users download Spotify playlist to their hard drive. In this case, they can listen to the music without being tethered to an Internet connection. Spotify is always the case with something so good, there is a snag – you have to pay a premium monthly fee for this feature.

Although this is a relatively small cost, it is still a long way from being free. Many Spotify users are interested in workarounds to avoid this fee and listen to their Spotify playlists offline for free.


1. Spotify Playlist Downloader for Windows

Streaming Audio Recorder gives you the ability to record music online conveniently. With its easy to use, one click recording mechanism, you can capture just about any sound that passes through your PC. You can record audio from Microphone and System Sound individually or simultaneously.

Here is how you can download a Spotify playlist to your desktop using this program:

  • Download and install this music recorder.


  • Download and install this music recorder.
  • Then, launch it, open “Tools” menu and click “Settings”.
  • Set the “Audio Source” as “System Sound”, and change quality and format if you want.
  • Run the Spotify application from your desktop and play the songs you wish to save offline, then click the red button to record the music stream.
  • When you’re done, click the same button to end the recording. Go to “Library”, you can find the songs just recorded.
download playlist on spotify

There are a number of bonuses when you use this software which include the ability to convert the music into all possible audio formats and schedule music recording. Additionally, the music you record with it will automatically be tagged with title, album, artist and year information.

2. Download Playlists from Spotify with Mac

QuickTime and Soundflower

Since has introduced the QuickTime Player with integrated sound recorder, users are able to record audio, video and screencasts. You can bypass the restrictions on capturing web based audio/video by installing Soundflower, a free plugin that leverages the features to freely record audio streams from the internet.

To download Spotify playlist to MP3 with them, you should install Soundflower and reboot your system, navigate to its “Sound Outputs” setting screen and select “Soundflower”. Then, launch Quicktime Player and navigate to “File” – “New Screen Recording” and select “Soundflower”. Once you hit the “Record” button, the player will record Spotify music and it ends when you click “Stop”.

download from Spotify playlist

As you can see, this method is something of a dirty fix since it requires system reconfiguration on your part. There is better Spotify playlist downloader available, such as the Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac.

Professional Mac Audio Recorder

This software allows you to save audio outputs from your System (including the audio stream) to your hard drive which means you can download audio using this software with no loss in quality either!

If you are a Mac user who wants to download Spotify music to computer for offline listening, here’s what you need to do:


  1. After you have downloaded and launched it from desktop, select “System Sound” as the input source.
  2. Launch Spotify and play the playlist you wish to save offline.
  3. Click on the red round button to start to download Spotify playlist, press the same button when you’re done recording.
Spotify playlist download

Keep in mind that a poor internet connection might lead to buffering that could cause some silent parts in your saved music files. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, go to Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac’s “Settings” – “Record” Settings and check the option which will skip the silent parts automatically. Furthermore, you can customize hotkeys or schedule a recording task through this app to streamline the process.

configure settings in Spotify downloader

Related Knowledge: Guide to Create Playlist on Spotify

That’s enough about how to download a Spotify playlist. Next, I will share the guide to create a Spotify playlist. A complete newbie might be unfamiliar with the procedure. It is fairly simple:

  • In the left column of the Spotify app, hit “New Playlist” and give it a name of your choice e.g. Playlist1.
  • Right-click any song and on the menu that pops up go to “Add to” – “Playlist1”. Alternately, you can simply drag the song from the list and drop it onto Playlist1 present in left column.
create Spotify playlist
  • You may also wish to create a playlist out of a complete album – simply right click the album and follow through with Step 2. The application will update the playlist name to the album title automatically.
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