The time for analog phones are almost over, because a newer, compact, and advanced phones are now on the rise, these are now called smart phones. Android phones is a popular one among this kind of product – a smart phone that runs under an Android OS that was created by Google. Mobile that runs with Android OS has various functions that include: messaging, calling, notes, camera, video player, music player and so forth. Now you can have both the function of a mobile phone and an MP3 player in one which is definitely great to have. And by using this smart phone you can listen to your favorite music even if you’re always on the go.


Due to this, many Android users are now thinking of a way to download MP3 to Android. In doing so, they can play their favorite MP3 playlist every time and anytime they want. However, especially the first time users, this could be confusing. In this case, here we share some of the finest MP3 for Android downloader together with tricks that you can utilize.

Desktop MP3 Downloader for Android Phone (For Win/Mac)

The first way to download MP3 files to Android is by utilizing a more powerful desktop program which is named Streaming Audio Recorder. This is the most stable and reliable application out in the market that can instantly download any music that you play online or offline through recording. Some of its notable features include: the ability to process batch download, has a great ID3 tag for audio labeling, a built-in audio converter, and you can record audio streaming from multiple radio stations.


After installing it on PC, this amazing recorder will let you download MP3 to Android phone in two ways:

Way 1: Record MP3 by streaming video/audio online

  • Look for the song that you want from an audio or video sharing site, open it but don’t play it yet.
  • Open Streaming Audio Recorder, click “Settings” to specify audio input source as “System Sound”.
  • Hit the “Record” button, now you can play the online MP3 that you selected.
  • Stop the recording process by hitting the same button.
download mp3 to Android

All right, find recorded audio files to destination folder and send them to your phone.

Way 2: Search and download MP3 from Web

  • Locate to the “Search” panel, type an artist or the title of the song that you wish to grab into the blank bar.
  • Press “Search Music” icon, the app will now display all MP3 that relate to the one you searched.
  • All you need to do now is to choose which one you prefer and hit the download icon besides each MP3 result and you are done.
download songs for android

You can repeat these steps if you want to download MP3s in batch. Then, it is suggested to manage the files with playlist, and send them to Android mobile.

Online App for Downloading MP3 to Android

If you are looking for a perfect solution to free download MP3 for Android, then a tool that is called Apowersoft Video to MP3 surely can be your good helper. Assuming that you happened to come across a few songs and want to pull them off, you can use it to easily grab any MP3 songs without installing anything. Aside from directly downloading music, this app also has other cool functions. For example, it can rip audio from any online videos and convert local file to popular audio formats. This is indeed the most convenient, safe, and easy to use application that is worth trying.

To use this application, here are the steps that you need to do:

  1. Open your browser and go to Video to MP3 site, which is readily to use on that page.
  2. Click “Search” tab, type keywords of the music that you desire into the search box provided.
  3. Hit the “Search” button and the tool will show all of the results that are relevant to your keywords.
  4. Now choose one of the results, and hit the “Download” icon beside the file. Select an output folder to place the song, then wait for few seconds and your MP3 download is done.
mp3 download site

Since this tool is a browser-based one, it also lets download songs to iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone easily. MP3 is commonly compatible with mobile devices, you can then transfer it to your Android via USB cable directly or using third party transfer tools to do this task.

Android App to Download MP3 Songs

If you want to download MP3 on Android without computer, then you can try Simple MP3 Downloader. This application is made specifically for Android smart phones. All you need to do is to visit Google Play, and install it on your device. After that, launch it and key in the MP3 title that you want to the search box, a list of result will be shown. Browse the list, find your favorite one and simply hit it. The MP3 will be played automatically with its built-in audio player, and on the bottom part you can notice a download icon, just hit it to download the MP3.

Overall, to free download MP3 for Android is indeed an easy task if a proper and reliable application is to be used. It is up to the user to decide on which application to utilize.

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