On this day and age, everything seems to be ever changing and highly revolutionized especially when it comes to the world of technology. From portable media gadgets to multimedia contents, the word “high definition” always catches our attention. We are familiar with HD videos with the development of movies and TVs. But did you know that there’s such thing as High Definition Audio?

While there is no standard definition of what high definition audio really is, technically it means an audio signal with superior dynamic range better than those of Compact Disc Digital Audio. It features a high sampling rate usually greater than 44100 Hz and bit-depths higher than 16. What these things translate to us is that HD audio produces more depth, richer bass, crystal clear voice, and top notch quality music. The next big question would be how to download HD audio and where to find this type of music. To feed your curious minds, read on to this article.

Ultimate Methods for Downloading High Definition Audio

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder (Free Solution)

For those who wants to download high definition audio without even spending a single dime, the Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is what you need best. This program needs not to be installed on your computer, it is an online application that does everything with the help of the Internet. The tool can capture both microphone and system sound. Moreover, it doesn’t have time or file size limitation.

  1. Visit Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder website and click the orange “Start Recording”.
  2. Allow the Java and wait until program loads.
  3. Select the right audio input and adjust settings if necessary.
  4. Click “Record” button and play the high definition audio. The tool is able to skip silent parts automatically.
  5. When the audio playing ends, click “Stop” button right away.

free record high definition music

Note that with this tool, not only you can download high definition music but you can also convert files into any audio format you want. For an easy and even more convenient way of recording audio files, this online program can equally grab files at scheduled times. Though note that the Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is not a professional HD music downloading tool. It may show signs of decrease in audio quality which is completely understandable given the fact that using it is 100% free.

HD Audio Recorder (Advanced Solution)

Users looking for a more advanced solution can on the other hand checkout HD Audio Recorder. This program meets more than just ordinary recording. It uses hardware acceleration as well as internal audio engine emulator to record files in the best quality possible. It allows you to record what you hear such as sound coming from your computer, microphone, line in, CDs, stereo mix and many others.

High definition audio download is very much possible with this program. HD Audio Recorder supports sampling rates of up to 192 kHz as well as bit depths of up to 32. What makes it different from other programs offering the same kind of service is that recording can be fully automated. It will auto start upon voice activation and auto stop recording when in silence. Convert audio files into different formats is likewise possible.

HD audio recorder interface

However, do note that this software doesn’t come free. It is free to try with 1.5 minutes recording, but to be able to enjoy its full benefits, you need to shell out $24.95. This price tag is pretty much acceptable because other premium audio recorders sell in the same price range.

Top Sites to Listen and Download High Definition Audio

Bear in mind that there’s no such thing as free HD audio downloads. If you want to enjoy real high quality music, you need to purchase these files. Yet, don’t be surprised if you see staggering prices because high definition music really do cost a lot. Below are some websites where you could listen and buy HD music.


Bleep logoBleep offers a wide variety of full HD audio files. From classical music to best-selling singles, you can find them all on this site. Audio files on the site are all 24 bit/44.1 kHz (minimum) while each file can be as big as 1 GB. What’s great about it is that it offers free file sampling which is usually around 40 seconds or less. You can buy full albums or selected song titles, Bleep is very flexible on how you want to download HD audio.

HD Tracks

HDtracks logoAnother premium online music store that sells HD audios is HD Tracks. Although its website is not as attractive-looking as with others, it has a wide music collection. Each song entry is specifically organized with details clearly visible on the side. Though, most tracks on this site are only available through album purchase.


iTrax logoIf you want to collect HD music in different formats, try to visit iTrax. It offers various formats from Dolby Digital, DTS, WMA PRO, WMA LOSSLESS, PCM and HD MP3. The only noticeable downside of this website is that connection to it is quite sluggish. If you try to use the search function or browse selections per category, the loading time is disappointingly slow.

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