Mobile phones are very essential nowadays due to the fact that it makes life easier for all individuals using it. As per report shows, 6 billion out of estimated 7 billion people across the globe owns or have access to mobile phones. This is indeed a concrete proof on how today’s generation demand for mobile telephones. On the other hand, a smart phone seems to be dull if it does not have a good mp3 songs or ringtones within it. That is why it is always an advantage to download free MP3 to mobile phone.

Know something before you download free MP3 to mobile phone

There are three kinds of mobile phones that currently tops the market, these includes: Android, iPhone and Windows phone. They are usually classified according to the operating system where they are built with. For example mobile phone that runs under Android OS includes smart phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and so forth; while IOS is an exclusive OS for iPhone only that is designed by Apple Inc. Moreover, the Windows mobile OS is being incorporated with phones that are manufactured by Nokia.

When getting MP3 from whatever mobile unit that you use, it is always more convenient to save the MP3 audio on the computer first before transferring it to your phone. This will allow you to manage and select your desired song in an easier way. So to save MP3 on your hard drive, the first step of free MP3 downloads for cell phone, you can choose one of the following ways.

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

This is the simplest tool that you can use to free download mp3 for mobile phone. There is no need to download or install software to utilize this tool since it is a free online application. To start grabbing the MP3 audio that you wish, all you need to do is hit Record button and play the MP3 audio that you wish. When it’s done, it will be saved as MP3 format by default.

online download mp3 for phone

Streaming Audio Recorder


Streaming Audio Recorder is professional recording software, which is more advance than an online app. You can use it to record any sound as you like, or download MP3 from YouTube. It not just helps you free download MP3 for mobile phone, but also allows you to convert audio format, edit audio for making your own ringtone and burn MP3 to CD. Even better, it provides you online radios for entertainment when you’re leisure.

Steps to transfer downloaded MP3 to mobile phone

For Android phone

If you use an Android phone, first you must connect your phone to your computer using your USB connector. After it is connected, look for USB Connected message and select Mount. Then open the new hardware that is created by the computer which is your phone, open the Music folder, minimize it and locate the MP3 file on your hard drive. Just drag your chosen file into the Music folder of your mobile phone and you’re done.

For iPhone

To transfer MP3 to iPhone is the easier way to download free ringtones to mobile phone, since few clicks from iTunes will do the trick. First connect your iPhone to the computer using cable connectors. Once it was detected, you can now open your iTunes, under music menu choose Sync Music- go to music library check the box next to the song that you want to sync- Click Sync at the bottom part- wait for the iPhone to sync completely and your transfer is done.

For Windows phone

Transferring MP3 to Windows phone is simpler compare to the previous phones. In this phone all you need to do is to connect the phone to the computer, when the phone was detected then simply locate the MP3 file that you want and drag it to your Windows phone icon that is detected by your computer.

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