SoundCloud is an online based music sharing platform that caters huge amount of music tracks that are constantly uploaded by users or members of the site. Its collection of songs varies from all the different music genres that we have. Using SoundCloud service is like having a portable music player that you can play everywhere you go.

However, only a small part of sound files on SoundCloud support to be downloaded without permission. So you can’t download sound at your will, no matter how desired you are, if you don’t have an appropriate tool. Now, there are different ways to download audio from SoundCloud, some may use a downloading program, some may use a specialize software, and so forth. But which one method is the best?

Best Two Ways to Download SoundCloud Files Online

It indeed has different ways to download SoundCloud audio on your computer, but only some of them really do the job. Two of them are the one that I will discuss below. Both of these methods uses a freeware that specializes in grabbing music from SoundCloud database.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a web-based recording app, also is far the best way to download SoundCloud free. With it, you are entitled with all of its features that you can’t find with its rival. Aside from having a user friendly interface, this program also provides the smoothest high quality audio output. It’s like grabbing the original audio stream that you duplicated.

Moreover, this freeware is also compatible with all internet browsers and operating system that includes Windows and Mac. Plus it has a built in library for you can manage the audio recordings. Using it is super easy, just install a light launcher first time when using it.

soundcloud downloader

  1. Hit “Start Recording” on the online Soundcloud recorder.
  2. Select the audio source as “System Sound”, click the “Start” at the center of interface.
  3. Open and play any audio you like.
  4. The audio recording job will begin soon, then you can click “Stop” when the song ends.
  5. Open “Recording list” to play the Soundcloud audio offline.

If you have any confusion, please check this video.

download soundcloud free


This is another way to download MP3 from SoundCloud online for free. This is a very simple platform where all you need to do is to copy the URL of the music that you selected in the SoundCloud and paste it in the box provided at the site. Just press “Convert” and your audio file will be converted soon. Seconds later, you will get a link, simply click it to save the audio to your PC. The only thing that concerns me about this tool is that it only provides audio download and does not have any other feature at all which is kinda dull.

online download soundcloud

A More Advanced Way to Download Audio from SoundCloud

The last advance way is using a program called Streaming Audio Recorder, which is a more sophisticated computer software that enables you to save audio from SoundCloud or any other music sharing sites, like Internet radio stations and live broadcast. Usually, it saves the recorded file as MP3 format, but if you want, you can set it to other audio formats, including WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC and more.


Assuming that you need to record radio on SoundCloud, it suggested to utilize the built-in task scheduler.

  1. Open “Tools” menu and select “Schedule Task”.
  2. In the task creator window, name the task and specify the recording duration. Once done, click “Create” and “OK”.
  3. You will see a countdown timer on the recording interface. Now you can play radio on SoundCloud, and do anything you want.
  4. When the set time arrives, the software will begin audio recording.

record soundcloud

Apart from being a SounCloud audio downloader, it also allows you to download and convert video clips to audio format simultaneously, simply edit your audio files, burn music files to CD and tune in genres of online radios. And most of all it is compatible with any computer operating system such as Mac and Windows which is absolutely great.

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