Two ways to delete pages from a PDF file

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and it’s a proprietary format that lets you view electronic documents, whether online or offline, across different operating systems.

There are some cases that people want to delete pages from PDF. For example, if you’re a meticulous person and you like to keep things organized, you may want to remove blank or unnecessary pages in your document. Another common reason to keep your PDF file clean and tidy is to make a good impression on your boss or anyone who’s going to view the document.

Use any of the following methods to remove pages from PDF document.

Method One: Delete pages from a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat program

By using the Adobe Acrobat program, you can delete a specific page or delete multiple consecutive pages. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the PDF file containing the pages that you’d like to remove.

Step 2: Choose which pages to delete, and then find the “Page Number” assignment aspect on the screen.

Step 3: To delete a single page, click on “Delete Pages” under the “Document” menu. Make sure to save the file afterwards.

Step 4: As for multiple pages in consecutive order, find the last page to delete. Take note of the page number.

Step 5: Do the same process as deleting a single page, and then type in the page number of the last page to remove.

Step 6: Save your document.

delete PDF page with Adobe Acrobat

Keep in mind that you can’t possibly remove a page from PDF with only an Adobe Reader. If you don’t have an Adobe Acrobat, you can use Apowersoft PDF editor which is a trusted application for editing PDF documents.

Method Two: Use Apowersoft PDF editor to delete pages from PDF

Apowersoft PDF Editor is a versatile tool that can delete pages from a PDF file. Additionally, it lets you extract, crop and rotate pages. As an editing tool, this app comes with various useful features such as:


  • Different editing modes like deleting, adding, cropping, merging and extracting pages.
  • Enables you to delete text and adjust the text font, size and color.
  • Allows you to edit PDF images, delete any unwanted photos or histogram, import new images, and resize photos. You can also adjust the width and height of pictures easily.
  • Remove any confidential and sensitive data in your document.

delete page from PDF

With this multifunctional editor, you can manage all the pages in your PDF documents and delete any page that you want to remove. It provides all basic PDF editing functions for convenient use.

Tips: When using Apowersoft PDF editor, you can use the program’s splitter to split your PDF file. Then, you can remove your unwanted pages in PDF file.

Comparing the Two Methods

When it comes to ease of use, this PDF Editor offers a simpler and more straightforward interface that’s easy to grasp even for beginners. Even if you’re not particularly tech savvy, you can easily navigate through the menu. Adobe Acrobat is available in different versions. Depending on the version, Adobe Acrobat has various functions aside from editing PDFs although Adobe Acrobat Reader only allows you to view PDFs and not edit them.

In terms of price, Adobe Acrobat PDF applications are much more expensive. The price range is typically around $199 to $799. On the other hand, Apowersoft PDF Editor only costs $69.95 which is almost three times less the price of the standard Adobe Acrobat software.

Bottom Line: If your main purpose is to use an effective yet affordable tool to delete a page in PDF file, Apowersoft PDF Editor is the ideal choice. It’s a great editing tool for basic and professional needs.

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