There are increasing numbers of individuals, professionals, and business firms that are now starting to create a signature for PDF. I bet most of us have at least received this kind of file format, which can come from our mentor, co-worker, boss, etc. But have you realize the importance of this digital signature? For ordinary people this can be nothing, but for professionals and business minded this can be important for this simple signature can validate the legality and authenticity of the file, especially if it contains important information. If you are one of these individuals that understand the importance of digital signatures but do not know how to create one, then here are the two best ways for you.

Two best ways to create digital signature for PDF file

PDF Escape – Sign PDF document using your signature

By using this method we will make use of a free online PDF editor which is the PDF Escape. This is an easy to use application that can handle basic editing and can also create a signature for PDF.

To add sign a PDF file with this editor all you need to do is to go PDF Escape’s webpage, log in and launch the PDF editing tool. Once it is open you can now load the PDF doc where you want to sign your own signature. Just click the free hand function and you can begin, just don’t forget to save your edited file afterwards. Moreover, if you have hard time with the free hand, then you can simply create an image file with your company’s name, your own name and position. Click the image function and upload the image and insert it. Either of the two is a good way to create digital signature for PDF, it’s just up to you to which you prefer.

Apowersoft PDF Editor to create signature in PDF file

If case that you are looking for a more advance and reliable PDF editor then the Apowersoft PDF Editor is the one that you are looking for. This is a fresh application that is capable of providing you with all types of editing for your PDF. It will also enable you to extract, crop, delete, merge, and split pages on a PDF file. Moreover, it has the ability to support OCR which is helpful in editing image based PDFs, convert PDF to other document file format, and most of all it can create signature in PDF file in no time.


To make signature for PDF, the first thing that you need to do is to download the Apowersoft PDF Editor. Once it is loaded in your system, simply open it and import the PDF file that you want to insert a signature. Now click the Security function that is situated at the top portion of the screen and select Sign Document. Upon doing that, a pop out window will appear, this will require you to fill the necessary info and modify the settings. Place you name and email address and choose the layout that you want for your signature, and don’t forget to Lock Document after Signing. And to finalize the process click Sign. By using this PDF editor you are guaranteed to have a good looking and presentable PDF signature ever.

add signature with PDF editor

If we are going to make a comparison of the PDF signature creator that we have discussed. We can easily notice that the function of PDF Escape is very basic, unlike the Apowersoft PDF Editor. Aside from that Apowersoft editor is much reliable since it does not depend on the internet and browser which can crash anytime. Furthermore, in terms of creating signature for PDF’s I can say that Apowersoft PDF Editor can make a more appealing outcome, due to the fact that the PDF Escape does not really have the function to add signature but just basic editing functions.

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