How to Create a Cartoon Video

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Cartoon is a type of illustration in non-realistic on semi-realistic style with different kinds of animation techniques. Cartoon video is the most popular entertainment for children, and it’s one of the efficient ways to catch the attention of the children. With that, you can influence and help the younger generation how to be a better person with the use of cartoon videos. However, there are only limited programs that you can use to create a cartoon video. Luckily, we’ve gathered the best and most reliable cartoon video maker that you can access with multiple browsers and mobile devices with great ease.

Best Cartoon Video Maker


If you’re looking for a program that you can use to produce cartoon video, here is LightMV. This is a web-based program that has a mobile and desktop version available for multiple devices. Also, it provides an extensive collection of video templates that you can use to make videos with great ease. Meanwhile, you can improve the quality of the content by adding multiple elements like text, photos, videos, and even background music. Furthermore, using this tool allows you to create cartoon video and share it to different social media platforms.


    Tips: Click the picture below to watch this attractive cartoon video template.
cartoon video maker lightmv interface


  • It has a smart and intuitive interface.
  • Accessible to different devices, computers, and browsers.
  • Capable of uploading files from mobile devices.
  • It enables you to insert a personalized logo.
  • Can save the video in Full HD quality.


Second, we have Powtoon. This is an online tool that you can rely on creating animated and cartoon videos using multiple web browsers. Not to mention, it offers highly-customizable video templates for various categories marketing, training, seminars, and many more. Besides that, video templates can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and e-mail. In addition, this cartoon video maker online has a media library that offers royalty-free music, photos, and videos.

cartoon video maker powtoon webpage


  • Capable of customizing the animated characters.
  • It offers rich collections of different elements.
  • Capable of adding voiceover to the video.
  • It provides whiteboard animations.


Next, we have Moovly. This is an online tool that enables you to make your own cartoon videos without paying any subscriptions. Furthermore, you can create different cartoon videos for different types of videos, including business, education, and personal. Moreover, it has a high-end video editing function that you can use to improve the cartoon video’s quality. In addition, you can make your videos more knowledgeable by adding various infographics fast and easy.

cartoon video maker moovly homepage


  • Supports team collaborations in creating videos.
  • It offers stock media by Getty Image.
  • This cartoon intro maker has text-to-speech features.
  • It can record the computer screen or webcam video.


Aside from an online tool, we also have FlipaClip. This is a video editing app for iOS and Android mobile devices that you can use to produce an animated video. Furthermore, it has cool editing functions where you can express your creativeness in the video. Also, this tool provides the best drawing and animating functions that you can use to level up the cartoon video. Meanwhile, it enables you to share videos on YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

cartoon video maker flipaclip interface


  • It provides efficient drawing tools.
  • Allows you to insert multiple animation layers.
  • Capable of saving the output in GIF and MP4 format.
  • Drag and drop features.

Toontastic 3D

The last cartoon video maker app that you can use to create a cartoon video is Toontastic 3D. This tool allows you to create a short animated video using its vast collection of 3D cartoon characters. Aside from that, it lets you customize your own characters with its 3D drawing tools. Furthermore, you can choose your desired settings of the video in different places, including city, space, forest and more.

cartoon video maker toontastic inteface


  • Provides different story arcs for digital storytelling.
  • It enables you to insert your own photos into adventures.
  • Export videos in high-quality resolution.
  • Capable of mixing multiple audio clips.


These tools aforementioned above are the best free cartoon video maker for multiple web browsers and devices. In addition, we listed some of their distinctive features that you can use to enhance the quality of the cartoon video. Despite these tools, LightMV is the perfect program because it can be accessed using different browsers and devices. Aside from that, it can save the video in Full HD and share to Twitter and Facebook directly.

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