PDF bank statement are very common, especially if you do banking online. If you want to adjust or analyze data, you’ll need to convert the PDF to a CSV. The data will be saved in its original layout with the same columns and format. So here we’ll introduce the best 2 programs that can convert PDF bank statement to CSV. Moreover, 2 great apps will be recommended to open CSV and we will run through simple troubleshooting for opening CSV with Excel.

How to Convert Bank Statement to CSV

ZAMZAR — Converting Online for Free

ZAMZAR is a website focused on PDF file conversion. You can convert PDF files to various formats including CSV.

Step One:
Go to zamzar.com and click the “Add Files…” button to upload your PDF bank statement.
Step Two:
Click the “Convert To” button to select “CSV” as the format you want.
Step Three:
Click on the “Convert Now” button and wait for file conversion to complete.

convert bank statement


  • You can download CSV files after converting.
  • This program limites you to only two PDF file conversions per day.

ZAMZAR can help you convert PDF bank statement to CSV for free. The reason why I am willing to use it is that the conversion steps are quite simple. And you don’t need to spend learning curve because you can clearly see the function buttons and operation steps as soon as you open its web page. However, ZAMZAR has a limit on usage count for free; and if you fail to convert, it is still recorded in the usage count.

ProperSoft PDF2CSV — Professional Converting on Desktop

If you prefer a desktop software to convert PDF bank statements, consider ProperSoft PDF2CSV. As a powerful PDF converter, it not only supports converting PDF files to CSV, but also allows you to choose from XLS, XLSX and CSV Mint formats. Of course, converting PDF bank statements is easy as well.

Step One:
Download, install and run the software.
Step Two:
Select the PDF bank statement you want to convert with ProperSoft PDF2CSV.
Step Three:
Click “Convert” button to create a CSV file.

convert to CSV

It is convenient to convert PDF bank statement to CSV with ProperSoft PDF2CSV. This software is available for both Windows and Mac, which is suitable for people who use different devices to check bank statements or other PDF files. In addition, it offers both professional and team licenses and include ongoing conversion support.

Best 2 Ways to Open CSV

Microsoft Excel — A Widely-used Office Software

Microsoft Excel is well-known all over the world. It supports lots of useful features such as making tables and calculating data automatically. After you convert bank statement to CSV, you can just double-click the CSV file to open it in Excel by default. And if it doesn’t open with Excel, you can right-click the CSV file and select Open With > Excel.

open CSV in Excel

Why I recommend opening CSV files with Excel is because it makes the CSV file easier to read. And most Windows devices are pre-installed with Excel, so you do not need to download any additional software.

CSV Viewer and Editor — A Convenient Online Program

open CSV online

If you would like to view CSV files online, CSV Viewer and Editor is a great option. After you convert PDF bank statement to CSV online, it’s not necessary to download the file. Just copy the URL and go to this website; then enter the URL you want to open. The CSV file is available for viewing and editing. Similarly, you are able to use this method to directly view online CSV files. In addition, you can also edit a CSV file online through this program and save it in CSV format or Excel format.

Troubleshooting for Opening a CSV File

After you convert bank statement to CSV, you may try to open it with Excel. However, some common problems may occur, such as your data appears as one single column separated with commas. The reason for this trouble is from your computer’s regional settings. The best solution in this case is to “import” CSV files into Excel rather than “open” it. Solving this problem is not difficult, but first you need to determine your Excel version.

error in opening CSV with Excel

The reason for this trouble is from your computer’s regional setting. The best option in this case is to “import” CSV files into Excel rather than “open” it. Solving this problem is not difficult, first you need to determine your Excel version.

MS Excel 2007 – 2012

  1. Open Excel and go to “Data” tab.
  2. Click “From Text” button and select the CSV file you want to “Import”.
  3. Click “Next” on the pop-up window and select the “Comma” option.

Now, you should see the data applied into separate columns below already.

MS Excel 2003

The operations of the first step is the same as above. Then, click “Import External Data” button and “Import Data” from the drop-down menu selecting the CSV file you needed. The third step is also the same as above.


We’ve listed 2 excellent programs here for how to convert PDF bank statement to CSV: both an online and desktop tool with powerful features that can make converting CSV easy. After you get a CSV file, we also have recommended 2 great apps to help you open CSV. Moreover, we’ve provided you with detailed solutions to troubleshoot problems with CSV files opened with Excel. We hope that after reading this article, you will transform bank statements to CSV and open them without problems.

convert PDF bank statement to CSV

Meanwhile, you can look forward to the feature of converting PDF to CSV in ApowerPDF. We have been continuously meeting the needs of users.

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