The easy ways to crop PDF pages blank margins or edges

Some PDF documents contain pages of different sizes. In this case, you may want to crop the pages in order to make the file cleaner and more uniform in appearance. Some users also want to remove and trim blank edges or margins from PDFs to make the file look more professional.

If you’d like to know how to crop PDF pages conveniently, here are three recommended solutions for you.

CutePDF Editor

It is a free PDF cropper that enables you to edit PDF documents online. It doesn’t require download or installation. There’s also a toolbar offered if you prefer to add the program to your browser. The CutePDF Editor is capable of cropping pages, splitting files, merging documents and setting security options.

Here are the steps to crop PDF file online:

Step 1: Open your PDF document.

Step 2: Click Crop Pages found on the left side of the window, under Page Tools.

Step 3: Start adjusting and cropping the visible page area by moving your cursor. Or, you may type in specific values for the margins.

Step 4: Click the Check icon at the upper left side when you’re done, and then save your file.

Crop PDF pages with CutePDF Editor

Crop PDF Pages With Preview App on Your Mac PC

If you have a Mac, you can use Preview to crop PDF files. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Once you’ve opened your PDF document, click Rectangular Section found at the right side of the toolbar.

Step 2: Use your cursor to drag and adjust the rectangle. The margins outside of the rectangle will then be removed from the pages.

Step 3: Go to Tools > Crop.

Step 4: Click OK and save your new document.

Crop PDF pages with Preview

Apowersoft PDF Editor to Crop Pages in a PDF Document

Apowersoft PDF Editor is a feature-rich application equipped with an extensive set of functions for editing, converting, securing and designing PDF documents. You can easily make your files appear sleek and professional with the help of this tool.


You can use it to crop PDF files with a few clicks only. Even if you’re not well-versed in using third-party software for editing PDFs, you won’t find the interface hard to navigate at all. The clean, sophisticated interface is completely easy to use.

Here are the steps for cropping pages:

Step 1: Upon downloading and launching the software, open your PDF file.

Step 2: Click Pages > Crop Page.

Step 3: Adjust the crop settings including the crop margins and page range. You may drag the rectangle outline to crop the page.

Step 4: Click OK and save your new PDF.

Crop pages with PDF Editor

What’s the Best Solution Suited for Your Editing Needs?

CutePDF Editor can help you free crop pages in PDF online. However, the main downside to this application is the loading process considering that it’s a web-based application. Typically, there’s a “loading” or “processing” message on the screen each time you upload and edit a PDF.

As for Preview app, it’s helpful for Mac users only. Apowersoft PDF Editor is the best solution for managing and editing PDFs because it offers a variety of useful editing functions. It’s also easy to use, fast and convenient. If you’re searching for an all-in-one PDF manager that can crop pages from PDF file easily, Apowersoft PDF Editor is your ideal choice.

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