Best Photo Slideshow Makers for Windows (Windows 10 included)

Best Photo Slideshow Makers for Windows (Windows 10 included)

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Photo slideshow provides people with an opportunity to connect pictures in a certain order with suitable theme templates, transition effects and background music. For people who are the first time to make photo slideshow, this will be a difficult, frustrating and time-consuming thing since they have no prior experience in this field. Don’t worry. We have searched out easy-to-use photo slideshow makers that have intuitive interface and multiple animation effects so you can create your stunning slideshow from photos with the help of them.

Top 5 Slideshow Makers for Windows


Video Converter Studio

The optimal slideshow software is Video Converter Studio for its simple operations and powerful functionality. It has a user friendly interface that enables you to grasp the using tricks within several glances even if you’re a computer savvy. You can also customize the slideshow by adding transitions, background music and time interval between every two pictures.


Simply click the “Make MV” tab then click “Add pictures” to import the pictures. Next, add transitions on each image by clicking the effects under “Transitions”. If you want to add background music, just go to the “Music” tab where you can load music from local disk. The photo movie will be more marvelous, if you add music in Slideshow. You may also change the slideshow size, resolution and intervals for the photo MV by clicking the “Size” tab. When you have done the editing, you can click “Save MV” to save the MV in desired path.

Video Converter Studio

What’s even better is that this is not just a slideshow maker as it also comes with other practical functions. It has a converter that can convert audio and video to a wide range of formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, AC3, MOV, FLAC, etc. You can also edit videos based on your preferences, such as adding watermark, trimming video clips or applying visual effects. Furthermore, its built-in video downloader will also come into handy when you want to grab online streams to your local drive.


Windows Movie Maker

This photo slideshow software doesn’t only provide animation transitions, but also lets you customize your slideshow with effects and captions. You can also insert background music or narration with your own voice.

Windows Movie Maker

Making a slideshow with Windows Movie Maker is very easy, you can choose the images by clicking “Add videos and photos” and press “Animations” to add effects and animations. Meanwhile, in the “Home” tab, the options of adding caption, music and voice narration are available. The setback of this application is that people may take more time to learn how to use it comparing with the first application.



This tool also features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Within this application, you can drag the images to your timeline, add texts to the images and add music from the local disk. Once done, click “upload to YouTube” and it will be posted on the site. The drawbacks of this tool are it only allows users to YouTube upload and no options available to save or share the video. Plus, there’s no transition or effect available for users to personalize the slideshow. Moreover, you can only select the BGM from the built-in music library that it offers.



Bolide Slideshow Creator

This photo slideshow creator offers various customization features including transitions, music, and effects. You can drag the photos on the timeline at the bottom of the page and personalize preferred way by clicking on the “audio files”, “transitions” and “effects” tab on top. Once you have finished creating the slideshow, you can either upload it to Facebook or YouTube, or simply save it on your computer. The problem with this one is that it doesn’t let you add text.

Bolide slideshow creator



The fifth software is designed to make quick creation of slideshows. When using this application, you’re allowed to add the photos you want and choose a preferred slideshow style from the list of program. When the task completes, the slideshow can then be shared via email and Facebook or burn to DVD. Although it is fast and hassle free to create slideshow with this tool, users are not allowed to edit the images.



You can choose a photo slideshow maker from above that you like most. Viewing them generally, Video Converter Studio is the best one to create gorgeous photo slideshow, because it’s simple to use and offers more practical tools like video editor, format converter, etc.

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