Tricks and tips to write in PDF files

Tricks and tips to write in PDF files

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Sending files in PDF format is very common for most of us. If you’re struggling with adding text to a PDF file, like filling out a PDF form that doesn’t have interactive fields or writing comments on a document shared with your friends, there are several useful tools that can help you do this easily. You can even convert your PDF document to Word if it’s more convenient for you.

Here are three good methods that can help you write on PDF documents.

Method 1: Write on a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Typewriter

Adobe Acrobat has a typewriter tool that allows you to write text on PDF. You can find this function in the toolbar. If you can’t see it in the toolbar, just click “Tools > Typewriter > Enable Typewriter”. Through this, you can add notes and special headings to your PDF document even if the forms aren’t interactive.

Adobe Acrobat Typewriter

Acrobat also has a “Touch-Up Text”¬†feature that allows you to edit your document before sending it. You can find this as the shaded “T” in the toolbar. With this tool, you can fix any selected text. However, if you’re not the one who made the document, it’s only possible to do corrections when you use the same font that was embedded in the text.

Keep in mind that the typewriter tool is applicable for static PDF files only, and it doesn’t work on dynamic files.

Method 2: Apowersoft PDF Editor to write on PDF documents

Apowersoft PDF Editor is one of the best PDF editing software around mainly because it offers various useful features to help you write in PDF files, and edit, convert and annotate your documents easily. With this tool, you can add graphics, footers and headers to your files to make them appear clearer and more professional. This is especially useful when you need to polish your document before sending to your boss, client or colleagues.


More importantly, this PDF editor lets you fill out and design PDF form conveniently. You can crop, split, merge and delete pages, and add watermarks or stamps. You can also remove any private data.

edit text on PDF

A remarkable advantage of Apowersoft PDF Editor is the use of OCR technology for editing scanned and image-based documents. It lets you write on a PDF file, modify the existing text, and adjust the font size, color and more. It’s even possible to underline and highlight any selected text to emphasize important details.

This tool is highly recommendable for professionals, students and just about anybody looking for a powerful editor equipped with basic and advanced editing functions.

If you find it troublesome to write in a PDF document directly, You can use PDF Editor to convert your PDF file to Word document firstly, so you can edit text easily in Word. Then re-save the edited document as a new PDF once you’re done.

It lets you convert PDF files to various MS Office formats including Word, and it allows you to save your document as a PDF file. With this tool, it’s easy to manage PDF files and convert even password-protected PDFs.

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