How to highlight text in PDF file on Windows and Mac

How to highlight text in PDF file on Windows and Mac

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highlight PDF text

When viewing documents in Word, it’s easy to select and highlight certain texts, but can you do the same in a PDF file? Certainly yes. A lot of people want to highlight parts of a document in order to emphasize importance. You may also want to highlight certain words and sentences to draw attention to the most essential parts. Find out how to highlight PDF text through the following solutions.

Three Ways to Highlight Your PDF Text


ApowerPDF is a versatile editing tool that can also serve as an efficient PDF text highlighter. It lets you edit your PDF files in various modes including highlighting texts. A great thing about this software is that it provides a variety of useful functions for editing PDF. For example, you can easily add strikethroughs and underlines to any selected part of the document.

Here’s how you can highlight text using this program.

 highlight text in PDF file

From the “Annotations” section, you’re also able to underline, overline and strikethrough text as you wish. Other amazing features include support for OCR, converting PDF files to various documents including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, managing PDF pages, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader, which is commonly known as a professional PDF reader, also provides other stunning features like filling forms, signing and printing PDF files. When it comes to text highlighting, it will surely come in handy, for it has a Highlight Text Tool which you can use in PDF documents that enable commenting. Follow these quick steps to highlight text in PDF file utilizing this program.

highlight texts with Adobe Reader

It’s indeed a simple way to highlight PDF text, however, its annotating functions is a little bit limited. If you are looking for more useful features, just proceed to the previous method.

Preview on Mac

Preview is a built-in program in all Mac OS computers and users often use it to view and edit images. However, only a few of them know that it also supports viewing and annotating PDF files. Upon annotating PDFs, it enables you to highlight text with different colors, as well as underline and strikethrough text. Below is the instruction on how to highlight any text in your PDF document.

highlight PDF with Preview

Comparison and Conclusion

Adobe Reader is a freeware basically used for accessing and viewing documents in PDF format. It’s also an effective tool for highlighting texts. However, take note that it only allows you to highlight text in a PDF if your document enables commenting. If the file doesn’t allow commenting, then you’ll have to use the other alternative methods mentioned.

You may use the Preview app if you’re a Mac user. It’s easy to use but only applicable for Mac OS. If you’re a Windows user or you want a tool that’s simple and full-featured, then ApowerPDF is best recommended. This PDF text highlighter has a streamlined interface that’s quite easy to handle even for beginner users. With its wide array of PDF editing functions, you’ll surely find this tool efficient for various PDF managing and editing needs aside from highlighting texts.

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