Windows 7 is a nice Windows Operating System and more and more people have used the mature Windows OS. A portion of people want to set a time to shutdown Windows 7. But Windows 7 doesn’t provide a shutdown timer for Windows 7 users.

Based upon the factor, lots of Windows 7 customers have the similar question about how to shutdown Windows 7 by setting a time. There are lots of related questions in many forums.

Here I show you a detailed one as an example:

I love to watch movies on my Windows 7 computer at night. But I usually doze off and forget to shut down my computer. So I intend to shut down my computer at 12:00pm automatically. What should I do? Do I need any extra software to schedule time to shutdown Windows 7?

The method to shut down Windows 7 by setting a time:

Microsoft Windows 7 doesn’t offer a shutdown timer. Therefore many Windows 7 users are looking for Windows 7 shutdown timer to do their jobs.

Here I recommend you a stunning Windows 7 shutdown timer – Windows Shutdown Assistant. It is a multifunctional Windows tool, which can not only help you auto shutdown Windows 7 PC, but also assist you schedule time for your computer to log off, restart, lock screen, display message or run file or program.

Besides, you can use it to write Notes. The built-in note function is better than Windows 7 Sticky Notes, you can paste text or images to your notes, and set the font size, color. You can hide your notes or create several notes at a time.


How to set a time to shut down Windows 7 PC?

Step1: Open and run the tool after downloading and installing it.

Step2: Set the time you want to shut down your PC and add the task to your action list.

Note: You put a tick by CountDown in the interface.

Step3: After the relevant setting, click START button.


Why Choose the Windows 7 shut down timer?

  1. This Windows 7 shutdown timer owns friendly user interface.
  2. It is a versatile tool. It can not only support shutdown computer, but also allow you to restart, lock screen, display message and run files.
  3. It supports all Windows OS, including Windows 2008, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8.
  4. It can schedule the time for your selected action.
  5. The design of the Windows 7 shut down timer is very nice.
  6. The tool is stable and works well for all Windows OS.

Hope this windows 7 shut down timer will help you a lot!

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