How to use Windows Shutdown Assistant

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*Download and Install
*Shutdown, Lock, Log off, Restart or Hibernate PC
*Auto Display Message
*Auto Run file, Program or Stop Program and Service
*Schedule to Open Webpage
*Write Notes

Download and Install the software

Download the latest version from Windows Shutdown Assistant official page.

Run Program by clicking program icon on your desktop or Quick Launch. Check main user interface of the program.

Shutdown, Lock, Log off, Restart or Hibernate PC

The software lets computer shut down, lock, log off and etc in different conditions. You can set the specific time, system idle time and CPU usage limitation in “Trigger”. Then, select action from the drop-down list in the “Action”. Finally, click “Add to Action List” and “Start” button. Windows Shutdown Assistant will execute the action as you set.

shut down computer

Display Message on your Screen to Remind Events

Choose “Display a message” in the action list, and then enter the message you want to display on your screen, you can set the time to start the action in the first step.

display message

Click “Settings” if you want to change “Layout”, “Advanced” and “Background Image”, you can also preview the effect by pressing “Click to Preview the final effect”.

message settings

Auto Run file, Program or Stop Program and Service

You can open file or run, stop program automatically with this software.

Again, the first step is to customize the “Trigger”. Next, choose “Run file or Program” in action list, and browse the file and program you want to run, add the task to your action list and click “Start”, everything will be done automatically.

run file program

If you want to utilize “Stop Program and Service”, just take the same operations.

stop program

Schedule to Open Webpage

Set the time or other conditions in “Trigger”, choose “Open Webpage” in the “Action” and enter the webpage link address in the blank URL box. You are allowed to enter several URLs and open them respectively.

open url

Write Notes

You can create your own notes with this software, just click “Create a Note” in the setting panel, a note box will pop up.

create note

Type the text and select it, right click on it then you can edit notes easily with its built-in editing functions like Font-size, color etc.

edit note

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    Hi. I'm using Windows 10, and the Shutdown Assistant does not shut down my system at the time requested. I've scheduled Shut down at 10:54:51 PM every day, or Shut down upon System Idle for 180 mins.
    • Sorry, we have tested the function on Windows 10, finding it works well.Please make sure that you add the task to the list and click "Start" icon to activate the task.Also, always let the software works in background.
  • avatar
    I have the Registration Code for the product, having purchased it but now I cannot download it from the email link sent to me nor can I download it off of the website. I am a Windows 7 user. It looks like a valuable tool I can use to suit my video recording needs. Please help! Eager to get started!
    • Hello. Sorry for replying so late.Please download the software from: have tested it, the software can be downloaded with ease.
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