iTunes is a media player and library application exclusively developed by Apple. It is used to download, organize and play music as well as video contents. iTunes is not an extendable mobile device application; it is limited only to Apple running devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. To this end, if you have a beautifully crafted Android smartphone and own an iPad at the same time, syncing these two devices together seems to be impossible. But what if you want to sync iTunes with Android? Are there some practical ways do it?

Nowadays, most people own at least one Apple-based device together with an Android smartphone. Yet if you want to transfer music or video files between your iPad and Android phone, you cannot just simply tap the “Sharing” button as there is no such option available. You have to bear with the fact that iTunes only works with Apple devices, there’s no exception. Luckily, you can now bypass this horrible manufacturer limitation. If you need to transfer your iTunes music, videos or other digital audio/video contents; see these easy-to-follow methods listed below.

Option 1: Use Apowersoft Android Manager to Sync iTunes to Android

Apowersoft is a smart tool that lets you organize Android data on your PC. With this application, you can backup contents, manage files and transfer data easily from other platforms. Its other features include restoration of selected files, editing and renaming files, controlling Android applications from PC, managing SMS to computer, organizing contacts and more. This desktop application is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer. Right after the jump, learn how to sync iTunes playlist to Android using this software.

  1. Download and install the latest Android Manager to your computer.


  3. Connect your Android and Apple devices with PC at the same time.
  4. Make sure that your computer, Apple device and Android smartphone is on the same Wi-Fi connection.
  5. You should see your Android’s device name under the main tab.
  6. Head on to tools and click the icon labeled “Import iTunes Playlists”.

    import iTunes playlists

  8. Start synchronization and make sure that your Android device is securely connected.

That’s easy and you’re done. You can also perform other actions such as editing playlist, backing-up music, consolidating contents and more.

Option 2: Two Free iTunes-to-Android Synchronization Apps

Synctunes Free for iTunes

With this free application available from Google Playstore, it allows you to wirelessly sync iTunes library to Android device over Wi-Fi connection. You can transfer iTunes music, podcasts, videos and playlists from your library. With over 5 million downloads and average user rating of 4.2 stars, this very lightweight application bearing a small footprint of just 490K lives up with its expectations. You have an option to transfer contents from internal to external SD card, sync tracks from iTunes store, move album art covers, organize songs and filter tracks.

Synctunes Free for iTunes

However, bear in mind that it doesn’t have a built-in music player and it cannot download songs from the Internet. It also doesn’t remove DRM copyrighted or protected music contents. For the free version, you can sync iTunes with Android phone up to 100 songs and one playlist. The PRO version removes this limit on the other hand.

Easy Phone Tunes

Requiring Android versions 1.5 up and with a small trail of just 162K, Easy Phone Tunes is yet another free iTunes to Android synchronization application. What makes this program different from the previous one is that you can transfer contents without limits. It can sync hundreds or even thousands of songs as well as videos to your phone. Though, it is a must to note that you need to run the app on your smartphone and your computer at the same time.

Easy Phone Tunes

With Easy Phone Tunes, you can sync your whole iTunes library or selected files. On the other hand, it is incompatible with DRM protected tracks. Hence you won’t be able to play them even if transfers are successful. It has an average user rating of 4.1 stars so head on to Playstore and give it a try.

Keeping your music and videos simultaneously available on all your devices gives you not only freedom but convenience because you can play them anytime or anywhere you want. How to sync iTunes to Android phone now comes easy with the help of the above tools. If you want to sync iTunes on bigger PC screen, manage your Android files easily, please choose Option 1.

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