Screen recording is one of the most common things we do on our computers. Recording screen allows you to save online classes, tutorials, live streaming videos, video chats and many other activities to local disk for watching at a later time. When it comes to recording screen, ScreenFlow is one of the most popular applications used by many Mac OS users. However, this program is only available for Mac. If you want a ScreenFlow for Windows, you can use some its alternatives. And this article will give you some of the best choices.

Best ScreenFlow Alternatives for Windows

1. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

ScreenFlow for WindowsAs its name suggests, this recorder is a free online application. It has a simplistic interface which makes it easy for you to make a screencast. Aside from its intuitive interface, it also has many powerful functions. You are able to record any region on the screen. Standard recording resolutions are also provided so that you can make perfect videos for YouTube or your mobile gadgets. In order to meet your different needs, this recorder also allows you to choose audio input (system, microphone or both), add webcam and customize specific format (MP4, AVI, WMV, GIF, etc.) for the recording. What’s more, this tool provides free cloud space ( for you to store videos.

To use this ScreenFlow alternative for Windows to record a video, just follow the steps below.


Go to site of this screen recorder. Click the “Start Recording” button. Then, you will be asked to download a launcher if it’s the first time you use it. Download and install it. It’s 100% safe.

download launcher


After that, a recording area with a toolbar underneath will pop up. You can click the microphone icon to select audio input, customize the recording area, or make some other changes by click the settings icon.

choose audio input


Then, click the left red button to start recording. During the recording, you can click the pen icon to add lines, arrows and texts into the video to point out some parts.

ScreenFlow alternative


To finish recording, just hit the blue pause button and click the green check icon. Then, a preview of the video will be shown with some options under the video window. To save the video, just click the upload icon at the bottom right and choose “Save as Video File”. Alternatively, you can also choose to upload the video to YouTube,, Google Drive or Dropbox.

This ScreenFlow for Windows also has a desktop version which is more powerful. It has more recording modes, allows you to take screenshots and supports picture-in-picture recording by using your web camera. Another advantage is that it has a task scheduler which can start the recording automatically according to your preset schedules. And you don’t even have stay in front of the computer. To enjoy all those benefits, just click the button below to download and install it.


2. Camtasia

CamtasiaCamtasia is a professional screen capturing tool developed by TechSmith. It lets you record any region on the screen. You can also add your webcam in the recording. And after recording, this recorder will import your video, cursor, system sound and microphone onto their own tracks so that you can edit them separately. After editing, you can export the video to your local disk in formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI and many more. It is indeed a powerful alternative to ScreenFlow for PC, but it is much more professional for beginners than the former application and costs $299 for single use and $149.5 for each update.

3. CamStudio

CamstudioCamStudio is a free yet practical screen recorder for Windows. It’s able to record any region on the screen with audio simultaneously. Before recording, you can customize the quality for the screencast depending on your needs. The screencast will be saved in AVI format, but you can use its built-in SWF Producer to turn those AVI videos to SWF format videos.

ScreenFlow is an application for Mac only. But if you want to download ScreenFlow for Windows, you can always use its alternatives mentioned above, which are even more powerful. And among those recorders, it is highly recommended that you use Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder as it has the simplest interface and offers a variety of necessary functions, making anyone even beginners easily understand how to use it to make high-quality videos quickly. If you want its desktop version, simply click the button below.


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