To record Webex meeting is important, since companies are bound to hold multiple meetings at a given time, it is essential to have a means of recording or the entire conversation for the purpose of reviewing the meeting content at a later time. We all know that most business uses web meetings to conduct negotiations or to set certain a plan in the future. And Webex is one of these applications that are used by many to provide a fast and hassle free online meetings.

You can find various applications that bond to capture your Webex meeting. However, some of them are faulty and may contain annoying adware. To avoid these kinds of problems it is better to use the top ways to record your web conference as it elaborated in this post.

The easiest way to record a Webex session is by utilizing its built-in screen recording function. No extra software is needed to activate this recording function. However, some users experienced sort of inconvenience since their recording settings is not set to default, inconsistencies in the account, or application license information.

How to Record a Webex Meeting Easily

Two ways can be used for recording online session no matter you are using Windows or Mac version. One is through opening the application website and initializing the software from there. Another is to install a desktop version of this application in the computer for recording meetings without opening the browser.

Online Application to Record Webex Meeting (Simple Way)

To record Webex session, you can first go to the website of this Webex recorder and click “Start Recording” button to launch the web-based application. If this is your first use, you will be told to download a simple launcher to activate the app normally. Install it on your PC and you can go back to webpage and click “Start Recording”.

apowersoft user interface


When a new window pops out, you can have a quick glance at the user interface. Then find options and configure some settings like hotkeys, output format as you need. Choose one audio source such as system sound from audio input list.

screen recorder options


Open up the Webex meeting, click the custom or you can select the area to record or you can adjust the recording window by yourself. Once done, click “REC” to start recording.


During the recording process, you can add various marks to your video such as arrows, diagrams as well as texts.

record webex meeting


When the meeting is done, click the pause button and choose to save the file. You can choose to save the file as video format or GIF format. After published, the video recorded will be stored in your selected folder.

Use ApowerREC (Simple yet Powerful)

If you are looking for a more professional way to record WebEx session, then ApowerREC is the tool that you can count on. This is program is perfectly design to provide all of your screen recording needs. By using this tool, users can easily capture any of your screen activities along with its audio. Aside from capturing your screen movements, this tool also supports audio and webcam recording.

webex recorder

Another good thing about this program is that users can add annotations while recording, which makes it perfect for jotting down some info while having a WebEx meeting. Moreover, this application also has an “Auto stop” function if you need to do a screen recording while you’re not in front of your PC. To record a meeting with this program here are the steps for that you need to do.

  • Get and install this WebEx screen recorder through the button below.Download
  • After that, open the tool and make some configurations by going to “Settings”. From here, you can set your output folder, video and audio preference, etc.
  • Next, open the WebEx meeting that you need to capture, and then select the recording mode that you want such as full screen, regional, game mode, webcam, or audio only.
  • To initiate the recording, kindly click the “REC” button and the recording will start after the count of three.
  • While recording, users can also add markings and other annotations, as they want.recording webex session
  • To end the recording, click the stop button and the recorded file will be saved under the tool’s recording list.

In addition to these, ApowerREC also has a “Task Scheduler” function that users can utilize in case they need to capture a Webex recording while they are not around. To initiate this function, simply hit the “Task scheduler” icon located under the drop-down menu of “Record”, and then click “New task” when the window appears. In the succeeding window, key-in the settings that you want for your recording such as start time, duration, recording area, audio input, web camera, etc. When everything is set, click “Ok” and the tool will automatically record according to the time that you’ve set.

schedule recording

As you can see, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is really a valuable method for recording Webex meetings with high quality. And for those who are looking for more advanced and stable Webex session recordering program, ApowerREC is highly recommended in order to maintain high productivity in all business processes.

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