How to Move Music to SD Card Easily

How to Move Music to SD Card Easily

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Right now, Samsung Galaxy S6 is very hot on the market. One of its biggest advantages is its super large capacity, which ranges from 32 GB to 128 GB. It is fair to say its internal storage is incomparable at present. However, such phones are in the minority. Most Android phones only have an internal memory of 1 GB, 2 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB. And as more and more big files are stored into the phone, many of us will find the phone is running out of memory. Under this situation, to equip your mobile with a SD card will help to broaden the space. Besides, it also comes in handy when you want to transfer data to another Android phone as you only need to re-plug the SD card.

Many Android users like me use lots of space for storing tons of songs. Transferring them to SD card will free up the usage of phone memory. And if you would like to transfer music from an old phone to a new one, a SD card is a great tool. Therefore, I want to give you some guides on how to move music to SD card in an easy way.

Fast ways to move music to SD card

1. Moving music manually

2. Transfer tool

Traditional Way: Manually transfer music to SD card

Some Android phones have a default file manager app, which lists out all your data. You can open it, find the music tab and select all the songs you want to move. Then choose the “Move to SD Card” option. If your Android doesn’t have it, you may try the following way:

  • Tap “Setting” button. Click “Storage” under PHONE or DEVICE tab.
  • The size of all your data such as apps, music, photos & videos, downloads and other is shown. Under them, click “Make more space” option.
  • Once the phone storage is scanned, you will see a list of items including apps, gallery, browser, music, and miscellaneous. Choose “Music”.
  • Your mobile then returns a list of all songs. Select the ones you would like to transfer and click “MOVE TO SD”.

Move SD Manually

In this way, you are able to solve the problem of how to transfer music from phone to SD card. However, since there are numerous kinds of Android brands and different Android versions, the detailed steps may differ in some aspects. But the whole process is quite similar.

An Easier Way: Mobile Transfer

The above way may not be applicable for some unique Android phones. And it is still complex to transfer music manually. Thus, I would present you a much better and easier way to do it.


Apowersoft Phone Manager is one of the best mobile device management tools on PC right now. It has versatile ways for connection. You may connect your mobile devices to PC by using USB cable or WiFi. Moreover, it supports both Android and iOS OS, which is very rare among similar products. As a professional phone manager and transfer, it outstands among other similar apps in many aspects. For example, it can manage all kinds of files including music, pictures, videos, notes, contacts, messages, apps, books and other files. Then, how to copy music to SD card by using this powerful app? Please follow the simple guidance below:

  • Turn on USB debugging on your Android device. Connect it to PC. Tap “OK” when a dialog pops up on your phone.
  • Once connected, click “Music” icon on the main interface. Select all the songs you wish to move and click “Export”.
  • Export Music to PC

  • After they are exported to a folder in the computer, click “Files” button.
  • Choose “SD Card”. Find “Music” folder. Click “Import” and transfer the music into it.

Import Music to SD

With this nice application, you are able to move music to SD card easily. And you can create a new folder by yourself when importing so that you will know where to find them in your SD card. In fact, apart from music, you can also move photos to SD card with ease.


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