This post will guide you on how to use Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac to record online music/radio to your local hard drive.

How to Use Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac


  1. Download Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac by hitting Download button below.


  2. Right-click on the downloaded file, and select “Open” to install it.

    Select open to install

  3. After installation, Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac will be launched automatically, and a shortcut for it will be created on your desktop.

Settings (optional)

Actually, the software will work well with all default settings. But if you wish to adjust output format, directory, quality, language of the interface, etc, just configure the settings as you like.

On the interface, click “Settings” icon to open the settings window. Or you can just press “Command+,” to open it.

  • General settings: you can change the output folder and UI language here.

    General settings

  • Record settings: you can change the audio source, output format, quality and make some advanced record settings. For example, you may choose to split files in specified time, enable identifying ID3 tags, skip silence and so on.

    Record settings

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: you can enable the hotkeys for starting, pausing and stopping recording here.

    Keyboard shortcuts

Record audio

To record audio, you can launch Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac and hit the “Record” button at the left corner. Then you go to play the music on web pages or in applications like iTunes or Spotify. Once the audio starts to play, the software will detect and record it automatically.

Hit record button

Just make sure the music is playing while recording, then you can go on surfing the Internet or working on other things. The recorded file will be displayed on “Library”. You can play it with the built-in player.

In order to record audio when you are away from the Mac, the task scheduler can assist you. Please click “Create schedule task” button to open the “Schedule Task” window. Then, type the task name at will. Also, please customize the start time and end time for recording. According to your need, choose the input audio source and click “Create” icon. In the list, you will see the task info. Finally, click “OK” to confirm. The countdown for the task will show on the interface, and it will start to record audio when the time is up.

Create schedule task

If you need to edit or remove the task, just enter “Create Schedule Task” again to conduct related operations.

Identify ID3 tags

Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac can identify the music info for recorded songs automatically. The title, artist name, album and genre will be added instantly once it finishes recording.

Identify music info mac

Note: if it failed to get music information, please right-click on the music file and choose “Identify” option to identify the music again.

Assuming that you want to edit ID3 tags for recorded audio, voice conversations, just utilize the ID3 editor.

ID3 editor mac

Convert audio

The software supports recording and saving audio in MP3, WAV, AAC and M4A, but you also have the ability to convert audio to other formats with the embedded audio converter.

  1. On the “Library”, select the file and choose “Convert” option.
  2. Choose the output format like MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, MKA, AU, ALAC, etc, set the quality as well. Turn on the “Merge into one file” option to merge the files that you are converting.
  3. Click “Convert” button to start conversion. When it is done, you can click “Open folder” button to check the converted files.

Convert audio

Edit audio

If you wish to trim the audio, right click it and choose “Edit” option.

  1. Click “Load file” to import an audio file into it.
  2. Hit “Add select”, then drag the region to locate the clip you need. To add more selections, hit “Add select” again and choose another region.
  3. Click the “Preview” button to preview the selected clips.

    Edit audio

  4. To remove the selection, select it and click “Cancel select”. After editing, click “Export” to export the audio. At the same time, you can edit the ID3 info and choose the export mode and format.

edit audio mac


How to record audio from microphone, system sound or both?

You can change the “Audio Source” on the main interface, open the menu and choose “Microphone”, “System Sound” or “Both System Sound and Microphone” and then start recording.

Select audio source

When I open the program, it pops up an error: “Virtual sound card can’t be detected, install it now?”

Error about virtual sound

After installing Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac, a virtual sound card driver called “Apowersoft_AudioDevice” will be installed on your computer. The virtual sound card is an important component for recording what you hear, so if it hasn’t been installed successfully, the program cannot run normally.

To fix this error, click “Yes” in the dialogue, then it will install the virtual sound card on your Mac automatically. Restart the program after installation.

I couldn’t record from System Sound, why?

  1. Please make sure you select “System Sound” in “Audio Source” menu.
  2. Please make sure that you are playing music.
  3. Please make sure the default system output device is “Apowersoft_AudioDevice” (System Preferences -> Sound -> Output).

    Sound preferences

    Output audio source

  4. Please make sure the “Mute” option is unchecked in output panel and try to turn up the output volume.

    Turn up output volume

I get an error message “Could not open device! Please try again” when I change the audio source to “Both System Sound and Microphone”.

If your computer is running slowly, it will take 2 or 3 seconds to create “Apowersoft_AudioDevice”, so please wait for a few seconds and try again. Or, restart Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac and adjust the audio source again.

Why my voice volume is so low in the recorded audio file?

  1. Please turn up the input device volume in “Input” panel.

    Turn up input volume

  2. If possible, switch to a good microphone device.

Will my license code be lost or expired if I reinstall the program?

Don’t worry about that, your registration status will be kept. But please know that the registration code is for the version you purchased only. Once the software takes a major update and you install it, the new key code is required. If your key code has been lost by accident, just contact our Support team to require the registration information again.

How to uninstall?

  1. To uninstall Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac, please right-click on the software icon and select “Open”.

    Click open to uninstall

  2. Click “Uninstall” button on the pop-up window.

    Uninstall recorder

  3. Finally, it is suggested to restart your Mac.
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