Embedding mp3 in HTML lets you add music on your website. Visitors who access your site will be able to listen to the songs that you wish to share on your page. You need to have your own domain in order to do this. Decide on your website name and purchase the domain so you can start adding content. Once your website is ready, you can embed mp3 on it.

Detailed Steps to Embed Mp3 in HTML

If this is your first time embedding mp3 on your website, here are the detailed steps that will guide you on how to do this. It may sound difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s actually easy to do.

Step one: Get a MP3 file

Having a MP3 file is the very first step that you need to take in order to embed mp3 in HTML. If you do not have mp3 files saved on your computer, you can easily download the music you love on any sites online by using Streaming Audio Recorder.


Whatever you play on the Internet, whether it is an audio or music video, it can be captured by this program. You can save music from any site including YouTube and other music and video sharing sites. Play the music that you wish to download and click On button. Wait for the process to complete. The files are automatically saved to MP3 so there is no need for conversion. If you have microphone connected to your computer, you can also record your own voice or music from an outside source.

record mp3

Step two: Upload the MP3 to your web server

Step three: Paste the HTML code below on your page.

Insert the link of your MP3 where the word “LINKHERE” is located to embed MP3 on website.


You may adjust the height, width, autoplay, loop and background color of the player by changing their value if you wish to customize it. Aside from this, there are other players that you can use including Google Reader mp3 Player, Yahoo Media Player and MixPod to embed audio in html5. They have their own codes, which you need to copy on your website in order to use them.

This is the embedded MP3 that results:

Benefits of Embedding MIDI to HTML

MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface files contain the written music but it does not actually contain any sound. It is similar to a song sheet but instead of being written on a paper, it is written in a form that is readable by the computer. Many composers embed their MIDI files on their website in order to give people the chance to listen to the music that they are working on. It is more convenient to share MIDI files this way as everyone who knows and visits the site will have access to them. Since MIDI files have small size, they do not take time to load on the web.

When you embed MP3 player in HTML, you need to choose a media player that will be used for playing the songs on your website. But with MIDI file, the default media player of the visitor will be used to play the file. For instance, if the visitor uses Windows Media Player as his default application in playing music, this is where the file will be played. The quality of sound may also differ from one computer to another as they vary on their hardware.

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