Sending email is probably one of the main channels of communication in this modern time. People are now using email for personal and business use as it is a faster and more convenient way than sending letter via snail mail or giving a call over the phone. Because of this, many people, especially business persons have different email accounts on different email servers. Having a lot of email accounts is somehow confusing, time consuming, and they are hard to manage one by one especially if you are using an iPhone. Users need to install all the email servers’ apps where they have accounts in order for them to monitor the emails using their iPhone. That is being said, it is recommended to make use of email app for iPhone which allows them to sync, backup, organize, and transfer emails into one. Although iPhone has its built-in mail app, it does not possess everything that people need.

Email app for iPhone to use

Below are the recommended apps which people can use to transfer, backup, sync, and organize all their emails.

1. Cloud Magic

Cloud magicCloud magic is a free email app which allows users to manage multiple accounts into one place. It actually has the “All inbox” feature which lets users receive or send messages from different accounts easily. It supports all the major email servers so there will be no problem in case users have accounts in all the servers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and more. Looking for a particular email is not hard because it has the search mail option. Additionally, the application notifies the user once an email is received. It also has the feature of making reminders, pass code lock and a whole lot more.

2. Dispatch

Dispatch logoAnother great, iPhone mail app is Dispatch. This application supports plethora of third party applications such as Pocket, Evernote, TextExpander, Omnifocus and more. It also supports attachments like images so people will be able to view any image sent through email. Moreover, this tool also supports different accounts. The only issue bout it is that it does not notify users with new emails as well as snooze options.

3. Boxer

Boxer logoBoxer is an iPhone email application which is the best in terms of organizing all your emails easily. It focuses on helping users in getting things done by means of deleting, archiving and marking on spam messages. If you are looking for a more organized app, this is the right choice. The application has the feature of quickly swiping your way to inbox zero. It allows users to quickly see everything on the inbox allowing users to know which email needs urgent reply and which do not. In addition, this app supports all major email servers and IMAP accounts. Boxer’s version for iPhone also supports calendar, push notifications, Evernote integration and it supports Gmail labels To-Do list, Pass code and more. The application has paid and free version.

4. Mailbox

MailboxJust like boxer, this application is also made to get things done easily. It lets users quickly swipe messages in filing them to a list, archive, to delete and to snooze. Users can also mark emails as “later” and will give the users the option when the messages will return in the inbox. Furthermore, it supports push notifications and it has a Dropbox which lets the uploading of attachments easy. However, despite of having these features, Mailbox only supports Gmail as of the moment.

5. Triage

TriageTriage has a modernized interface and features as compared with some other iPhone email apps. It is not based on mailboxes, message lists or folders. Instead, it displays them as stack of cards. In the event that you want to put the mail in archive, simply swipe it up and swipe down if you want to keep it. Additionally, tap on the card if you want to reply of forward the message. The tool now supports Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, iCloud and some other mail servers through IMAP.

6. Hop

Hop, Hop logojust like Triage, also has a different interface as it transform emails into conversations. This is something like an instant message or a text message. In addition, the application has push notifications that are in thread basis. Good thing about it is that it allows users to make a call to another Hop users. This supports Google, iCloud, Yahoo, and AOL accounts.

Those are the best free email app for iPhone which users can use as substitute to the built-in mail of iPhone. Additionally, they will now be able to manage, sync, organize and backup all their emails easily. For those useful apps, you may use professional tool to manage them such as backup apps onto local database, un-install and install them easily. Now, Apowersoft Phone Manager really comes in handy to manage all the apps according to your need.


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