Mobile devices and their never-ending innovation surpasses anything of its kind. Now you can do almost anything on your mobile device; make payments, conduct banking, study, and of course search for entertainment, and a lot more. Recently we’ve become able to even use our phone as a remote control for phones, the house lock, and even control TV’s and other devices. People even control TV from iPhone and Android devices as a replacement for there TV’s default remote control. Cool right? For Android users it is a lot easier. How about for iOS users? Do you need an Apple TV to use it as a remote control? Well yes and no! iPhone as a remote is possible even without an Apple TV. Keep reading to discover apps and features that can be useful.

How to Control TV From iPhone

Apple TV:AirPlay

Did you know the new iOS versions support remote to Apple TV? You do not need a separate app or use Airplay to do so. You just have to reconfigure the settings on your phone. You can still use Airplay if you want to. You just have to do the usual if you are going to connect. But in the mean time if you do not know the correct path on how to set it up, here is how to control TV with iPhone using the built-in feature.


  • Go to your settings and look for your “Control Center”
  • Now go to “customize control” and tap on the green “plus” sign to add the Apple TV Remote.
  • Next, go to your control panel and tap Apple TV Remote and tap the name of your Apple TV. Now enter the “Four-digit code”.

Samsung TV: SamRemote

This third-party application is specifically made for Samsung TVs and acts like a virtual remote control as a replacement for the actual remote. Using this app, you can control your TV right with your fingertips. This app runs through a wireless network, so you have to make sure that your phone and your TV are connected under the same network. Which means you do not need to be near the TV to control it. To remote control TV from iPhone using this app, just accept the code from the TV after launching the app on your Phone. Once accepted you can now start using it.

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Similar with SamRemote, LGTV plus has been developed for LG TV devices. They serve the same purpose to using your iPhone as a remote control for your LG TV. However, this app only supports LG webOS Smart TV. To see the supported models directly, you can check the official website of LG. Similarly, you just need to download the app on your iPhone and connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Then allow your phone access to your TV to turn your phone into a remote control.

As long as you are connected under the same Wi-Fi network it will work. So, to remote control TV from iPhone, this is a good one to consider.


Sony TV:Video & TV Sideview App

This app was developed by Sony itself. This way you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. This app is developed for the convenience of Sony TV users. It is not only available for Android Devices but also for iOS users. The app integrated some features that you may find useful. Aside from controlling your TV through this app you can also use the app directly to stream.


Alternative: ApowerMirror

Finally, you can use ApowerMirror to control a TV from iPhone. This app can mirror your phone on your TV and control it. You can stream your photos, videos and play them on a bigger screen. Or if you want to stream on your favorite websites online. Aside from that you can also record what you are streaming for offline viewing later. And not to mention this app is compatible with all of those TVs mentioned above.

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  • Go to the official website or use the download buttons below to get the app and install it.
    For iPhone

    For TV

  • Make sure to connect both your iPhone and TV to the same Wi-fi server.
  • Next, on your TV screen you will immediately see the pin once you launch the app.
  • Now on your phone, head up to upper right-hand side and choose the “Pincode” icon. Enter the pin and in no time your phone will be mirrored on your TV.


The entire article has introduced a diverse range of tools that you can use on different types of TV’s. Among them, ApowerMirror has a big advantage since it works on all types of TVs. Just choose the one you have and leave us a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.


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