In today’s mobile world, people are seeking facilitied by mobile apps. Happily Android is excellent on this matter. However, with the thousands of choices and tools available; things can get a little complicated. This is the reason why the app organizer for Android is highly needed. Most especially with the demand of bringing your own device and application in workplaces is becoming more famous.

We would like to show you the top 5 apps organizers, which are highly rated and completely. They will make you work smarter, faster, more accomplished, organized and save time.

1. vLauncher – best app organizer

2. Auto App Organizer free

3. Folder Organizer Lite

4. GoToApp App Organizer

5. Apps Organizer

Top 5 Android app organizers to organize your applications on Android

1. vLauncher – best app organizer

It is one of the most useful app organizers, which keeps apps with multiple pages on your home screen. It also gives iPhone style look.

This is one of the best Android app organizers today because you do not need to create and add shortcuts on your home screen. Also, if widgets are no longer useful and eat too much battery then the vLauncher is definitely the application you are waiting for. You can maximize the use of folders and hide unwanted icons.

vLauncher screenshot

2. Auto App Organizer free

Auto App Organizer free is an efficient and effective organizer on the market today. With the mainstream usage of mobile phones, it is understood that there can be thousands of applications available. With over hundreds of apps installed on your Android phone, it can be challenging to organize all your stuffs. This is the reason why Auto App Organizer free is excellent in organizing and managing your entire downloaded and installed apps on your phone.

Auto App Organizer free screenshot

Following are the exciting features of this application:

  • Multiple app selection and operations
  • Auto backup
  • App2sd
  • Auto categorization
  • Auto monitor your apps and show you inactive and unused applications
  • Handles new apps in a separate folder
  • Quick app search
  • Customize icons

3. Folder Organizer Lite

This application allows you to organize and group stuffs according to labels. You can also make folders and widgets as you need. Folder Organizer lite is really cool as you can manage your apps, bookmarks, contact information and shortcuts.

Folder Organizer Lite screenshot

Folder Organizer lite also offers the following additional features:

  • Customize folder icon
  • Sort folder items the way you want it
  • Create app shortcuts with customized names and icons
  • Support searching for new icons on the Internet
  • Create notification bar

4. GoToApp App Organizer

GoToApp Organizer is an awesome organizer that allows you to make use of folders with shortcut features. You can buy the complete version of this application with money back guarantee.

GoToApp App Organizer screenshot

The following are the features of this application:

  • Manage apps according to file name and install date
  • Customize apps position to keep a consistent view
  • Use unlimited number of folders
  • Rename and assign folders for new apps
  • View and filter new apps
  • The search buttons enables you to surf new apps
  • Additional exciting features are available at the menu options and settings

5. Apps Organizer

It is a free Android app organizer that uses labels. Using labels is a convenient and easy way in managing your mobile applications. Further, it enables you to make a label shortcut or a widget with custom icons. Additional features include installing folder organizer so you can easily manage your data, schedules, emails and others. You can also easily import this application into your mobile device.

Apps Organizer screenshot

The top 5 Android app organizers mentioned above offer exciting features to help you organize your stuff either it’s related with work, school, family or meetings. With the thousands of apps available out there, finding the best apps that works for you is the best thing to do which is why we have already reviewed and tested this applications as recommended.

These top 5 applications help you to manage and remember things in an organized manner. You can always be updated on your things like to-do lists. It prevents you from losing your ideas, documents and most especially your precious time.

Warm Prompt: If you want to organize your Android apps on computer, you can use a desktop app organizer tool for Android.


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