Do you want to change the alarm tone, text alert or even notification sound of your mobile phone but with only a few options? How about cutting a certain part of your favorite song and later using it as a ring tone? With free audio editor for Android, these before-mentioned things become possible. And other options such as mixing music and removing noise backgrounds come true as well. Look into this list and pick the right tool that suits your needs best.

5 Best Free Audio Editing Apps for Android devices

Beat Maker Audio Editor Free logo

Beat Maker Audio Editor

No fancy options not just straightforward buttons, simple interface and basic audio editing commands, this is Beat Maker Audio Editor all about. If you just need an application that can make mp3’s into ringtone or notification alert, create beats, save audio files, change tempo and record through mic, this free audio program should suffice it all.

WavePad Free Audio Editor logo

WavePad Free Audio Editor

Aside from the ability to make ringtones and notifications alert from MP3, the WavePad free audio editor also allows users to easily cut, copy, trim, insert and paste music files. Moreover, adding special effects such as noise cancellation, amplifying audio, editing echo and normalizing acoustics is also available. This application supports different file formats from wave to AIFF.

MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker logo

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

With approximately 5 million downloads, MP3 cutter and Ringtone Maker is probably the most popular free Android audio editor of all time. It has the ability to edit, select, copy and paste MP3 music that later can be saved as an alarm tone or message alert sound. Other features included are fine tuning buttons, easy-to-use touch interface, renaming clips and more.

ZeoRing - Ringtone Editor logo


Just like other free audio editor apps for Android, ZeoRing allows users to trim and edit selected audio files. You can also record your own song and make it as a ringtone or alert notification. The beauty of this audio application lies on its small footprint of just 1MB and supports to older Android devices running 2.1 versions and up.

Android Audio Editor logo

Android Audio Editor

If you want something more than just editing and creating MP3 ringtones, this best audio editing app for Android is what you need. It essentially has three amazing functions. It can be used as an audio editor with all those basic trimming options, as an audio converter that lets you convert files into different music formats, and as a tool extractor which allows you to extract MP3s from videos.

Following on this list are best free audio tag editing apps for Android. Audio tag is the main data responsible for giving MP3 files their own identification. They make each audio file information complete from music title down to year released that creates an all-in-one solution for MP3 documentation. If you want to complete or edit MP3 labels such as unknown year, no music genre, missing album title and more, read on this article.

Top 5 Absolutely Free Audio Tag Editor for Android

MP3dit - Music Tag Editor logo


As a complete music tag editor, MP3dit can easily edit music file information using its intuitive interface. Similarly, users can perform batch editing which is very applicable when fixing different music files in the same album or group. Searching album art cover is also possible with this application.

iTag - Music Tag Editor logo


With 4.2 out of 5 stars and approximate 5 million downloads, this tag editor application provides features – supporting for standard ID3 tags, editing music title, artist as well as album, quick search and preview in player that all comes in a very clean looking interface. Easy and straightforward, iTag yields a very minute footprint of just 720K with compatibility to Android versions running 1.6 and up.

AudioTagger logo


This audio tag editing application supports different audio file formats ranging from OGG to FLAC. Most ID3 version 2.3 can be saved using this music info editor but all ID3 tag versions can be read. Users can likewise download appropriate album cover art and song lists from popular sites such as Amazon. Tagging and renaming of files by batch is also supported as well as quick SD card search.

TCM Music Tag Editor logo

TCM Music Tag Editor

If you are fanatic about Asian Music who need to fill in music tags that are virtually unreadable, the TCM music tag editor is what you are looking for. Fixing incorrect text tags from Chinese, Japanese and Korean is indeed easy with this free audio tag editor for Android. Other features included are move to SD card, landscape mode support, album cover search, quick scroll and automatic Media Store update.

MP3 Tag Editor logo

MP3 Tag Editor

This MP3 Tag Editor may be the most lightweight Android sound tag editing app especially when it comes to audio tagging. It is indeed tiny at 245K. Apart from basic tagging options like changing title, album, genre, track and more, it supports for traditional languages such as Chinese and Korean.

Owning an Android device doesn’t only let you do basic capabilities such as texting and calling but other than capturing precious moments as well as connecting to the internet, they have become favorite music players of all time. If you are a big music collector keeping tons of audio files, making them properly identified, organized and useful for specific apps is now possible with audio taggers as well as sound editing software for Android. Last, they are also free, so pick the right one that fancy your desires.

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