MKV is a container that can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file. This file type is largely accepted by people for its advantages in preserving video quality and on the contrary, file in MKV format has a large file size. Currently, MKV is mainly used by HD videos on internet, footage taken by camcorder, etc. However, if you want to view MKV movies on PC using Windows Media Player or watch them on other Windows-based devices, this won’t be easy to achieve because MKV is not well-compatible with the Windows OS on the one hand. And on the other hand, the MKV movies always take too much memory. Yet these bothering matters will not appear on the WMV files, because WMV format owns perfect support by Microsoft and devices using windows system. Compared with MKV format, WMV is smaller in file size and it doesn’t suffer much loss of quality when you convert MKV to WMV. Therefore, by converting the movie into WMV, you can easily enjoy watching MKV movies in Windows Media Player or portable devices running windows system. Here is going to introduce several cool ways to you.

Recommended ways to convert MKV to WMV

1. Use an Online Application

2. Use a Professional Converter

3. Make use of Media Player


Use Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is a useful online application which you can use as a MKV to WMV converter. You can visit the official page of the Free Online Converter at first. And unlike other web converters, it lets you customize video parameters before starting conversion. Refer to the below how-to-use guide.

  • Click “Browse” to add MKV files you want to convert.
  • Select “WMV” as the output format.
  • Before converting, you can adjust some parameters as you like(which influence the quality and the size of the video).
  • Hit “Convert”, and then choose a local directory for placing the converted files.
  • It will start converting and you just need wait for a few minutes.

Browse MKV

In fact, besides the MKV to WMV conversion, it can convert almost every popular video format. You can get whatever audio or video in a more compatible format by using this web application.

By the way, if you prefer, you can also utilize the editing function. It is available for you to control the motion of the video (quicken or slower it) and add a watermark with both image and text. Those functions above will make your video cool if you make use of it appropriately.


Make the conversion via Video Converter Studio

However, online application has its own limits – the internet. The Internet status has a direct impact on every web-based application, so it takes long time for dealing with a large file especially when your internet connection is not quite well. Then a desktop converter can make up for the shortcoming.

As a more professional video conversion software, Apowersoft video converter studio is a better choice for users to utilize without internet. It will be very easy for you to convert MKV to WMV if you follow these steps.

  • Download and install it in your computer.Download
  • Launch the software, hit the “Add Files” button on top-left of interface, and then pick the MKV file you want to convert. (Or you can just drag files onto the central panel.)
  • After loading the files, you can click the “Profile” and choose “WMV” as output format.
  • Finally hit the “Convert” to commence the conversion, and you will soon get a converted WMV file in the output directory(It will be faster than online application).


Unlike previous web-based MKV to WMV converter, this tool allows you to convert videos into tons of video, audio formats compatible with digital devices like Apple series, Samsung series, HTC series and many others. Another main function of this program is the video editor function, for instance, trim images, adjust effects, add watermarks, add subtitles etc. You can convert videos in bulk which can fasten the efficiency, and you also can preview the video as you are editing.

By the way, this converter has a powerful function for downloading. You just copy the URL of the online video and paste in the video converter. Then You can successfully download the video without a special plugin or tool. It will be very convenient for you.


How to play MKV without conversion

Apart from aforementioned methods, if you’re willing to watch MKV on your Windows computer, you can use a compatible media player to directly enjoy it without conversion. All you need to do is to find and install a proper media player, for example, the VLC media player. It’s very convenient to be used on any operating system including mobile systems, and it is capable of playing any format file without any additional codec. And it offers excellent quality and clarity similar with the original video.

play MKV without conversion

However, there are some certain or specific MKV files that might in fact not be supported by VLC. Considering the memory space of mobile devices, the big MKV file is easy to make your device crowded. So sometimes it’s better to make a conversion and you can use the two methods above.


In general, all the three methods can help satisfy your needs. If you just need a free tool to convert MKV to WMV, the first method will perfectly suit you. If you are longing for a more useful and professional converter, Apowersoft Video Converter is a good choice. If you are reluctant to do a conversion, it’s also enough for you to download a VLC media player.

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