Some of us prefer to watch and create clerical works using our iPad. It is twice or thrice the size of our iPhones, giving us the ability to be keener on our tasks which is often compromised by the size of our iPhone. However, using it round the clock can detriment its battery. So, it would be better if you have mirroring tools in hand to switch working from iPad to iPhone anytime needed. To mirror iPad to iPhone, we got you the best apps you can work with.

How to Mirror iPad to iPhone

mirror iPad to iPhone


airplay ipad to iphone

This application has long been known for its strong connection and mainstream mirroring technology. In line with this, it is highly compatible with multiple devices like iOS and Android. Thus, it can display iPad on iPhone, and here’s how.

  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your iPad and iPhone.

  • Open the app and tap the M button. Then, select the name of your iPhone.

    stream ipad to iphone

  • After that, head to the Control Center and tap the Record button and choose the name ApowerMirror and click Start Broadcast and the mirroring will begin.


display ipad on iphone

iTools is an application manager that can help you transfer your files from one iOS device to another. It is also equipped with built-in screenshot and recording tools. For you to stream iPad to iPhone via iTools, you may follow these steps.

  • Download iTools on your iPad.
  • Launch the application and go to Settings and choose AirPlay.

    mirror ipad to iphone

  • Then, go to Control Center and tap your iPhone once detected to start mirroring.


airplay ipad to iphone

AirPlay is a tool that enables you to cast your iOS devices wirelessly. It can cast both audio and video so it is perfect for binge-watching too. Here’s how to Airplay iPad to iPhone.

  • Connect your devices under the same Wi-Fi network.

    stream ipad to iphone

  • Go to Control Center and click the AirPlay icon. From the list, tap the name of your iPhone to mirror.


The tools we gathered in this article can help you mirror your iPad to your iPhone. They can always come in handy especially when you’re working or simply running out of battery.

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