Apple has recently released iTunes 12.1 on February 1, 2015. This new patch is about 212 MB in weight. And it requires OS X Lion or later. One can download it now from Mac App Store. As usual, new release of iTunes attracts numerous public attentions. People are wondering what the new features of iTunes 12.1 are. Here are all the improvements you need to know.

New Functions of iTunes 12.1

1. Practical Notification Widget
2. Full 64-bit Application
3. Better Syncing Performance
4. Convenient “Quick Tour”
5. Personalized Info Windows

Despite all the great new features of iTunes 12.1, for those people who want to use convenient iOS devices management tools, the release of this new version may not be the best news because they find these tools cannot work anymore. Fortunately, Apowersoft Phone Manager is now perfectly compatible with iTunes 12.1, which is probably the first software to achieve this. It allows you to enjoy all the amazing features of iTunes 12.1 without having any problem. You can download and have a try. I assure you that it will not let you down!



Practical Notification Widget.

This notification widget is for managing music in a much easier way. It is designed in Yosemite style which has semitransparent background. With this small yet useful tool, you can see which song is playing currently in the notification column, thus saving the trouble of opening the main interface of iTunes. Besides, it allows you to skip the songs you do not like, to pause at any time you want, or to check the list of favorite songs. And when you are listening to iTunes Radio Stations, it provides you the option to purchase them right away.

iTunes widget

To add this widget, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Update iTunes to the newest version.
  • Open the Notification Center.
  • Tap the “Edit” button at the bottom of the column.
  • Click the “+” icon next to the iTunes entry.

However, the functions of it are still limited. It can neither adjust the volume of the music nor search the Resource Library. And the album art is not shown either.

Tips: For Mac, it needs to be installed with OS X Yosemite system to use this tool.


Full 64-bit Application

One of the main features of new iTunes 12.1 is that it is now a full 64-bit software on 64-bit editions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. The new version probably brings the biggest change ever since iTunes 12 was released for it overturns iTunes system library. It means that though new iTunes is still compatible with computers of 32-bit edition, Apple is now putting more and more emphasis on 64-bit edition. Apart from that, at the download website, it can automatically recognize which edition your computer is using and provide the suitable version for you, instead of listing downloading options like before. At present, almost all the third-party applications, which used to work well in managing iOS devices, are not available anymore, because they are not compatible with 64-bit edition. Given this, if your iPhone has been jailbroken, or if you still want to use the third-party software, it is better to think it over before downloading this new patch.



Better Syncing Performance

Apple users often complain about the poor performance in synchronization with iOS devices. And this new update includes enhancement in this aspect. According to Apple, they have improved performance when syncing data to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Hopefully, it will give customers better user experience.

Synching performance


Convenient “Quick Tour”

Aside from the above new functions of iTunes 12.1, it also includes a feature called “Quick Tour”. When you launch iTunes for the second time, this function will guide you to get familiar with the new interface design and new features. Though it is not new as it has been used on Apple’s website since last year, it is still fresh experience and convenient tool when it is applied to software guide.

Quick tour


Personalized Info Windows

An obvious difference users can experience is the change of the Info windows. Unlike the old iTunes 12, whose Info windows have no field borderline, iTune 12.1 has created visible border for Info windows. In this way, users will directly see which options are editable. No doubt that this improvement makes iTunes more personalized.

Info windows

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