Solutions to iOS 12 Screen Recording not Working

Solutions to iOS 12 Screen Recording not Working

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Screen recording is not a new feature on the latest update of iOS. The first of Apple’s mobile operating systems to introduce screen recording as a built-in feature is iOS 11. Thereafter, Apple introduced its latest operating system, which is iOS 12. This operating system is packed with newly integrated features that will enhance users’ iOS device experience. Some of the new features are the improved notification system, enhanced Do Not Disturb section, and a major improvement on the speed. Unfortunately, this upgrade caused iOS 12 screen recording issues that make users upset. Some of these issues are the screen recording is not working, screen recorder crashes after upgrading, and/or records with no sound. If you are experiencing these problems, this article will help you solve these issues by simply following the listed solutions below.

How to fix Screen Recording Issue in iOS 12

How to enable screen recording in iOS 12

ios 12 screen recording

As the Apple Company presented the new version of their operating system, a lot of iOS users complain that their recording is not working after upgrading to iOS 12. Though very common and sounds irrelevant for longstanding iOS customers, this steps are provided for new iOS users. To enable screen recording in iOS 12, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > tap on + button beside Screen Recording. After that, swipe up to show Control center. Tap on Screen recording icon to start.

Reopen screen recording and restart iOS device

Recording your screen has many purposes; you can show a demonstration of your app during presentations, record a video you are showing on your phone, etc. If your iOS 12 screen recording is not working, try to do this simple and basic solution. Turning it off and turning it on again may work if this issue is caused by just lag or hanging up of your iPhone. Try to re-open it and restart your iPhone. Listed below is the step-by-step procedure to solve this issue.

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > tap “-“ button on the left side of the Screen Recording.
  2. Restart your iOS device.
  3. Once restarted, go back to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > this time, tap on + button beside Screen Recording. Then try to use Screen recording on your device.

Make sure screen recording is not restricted with parental control

screen time

Apple has a built-in tool to help parents monitor the iPhone routines of their children. It allows parents to block or limit specific apps, purchasing apps and features as well as to restrict explicit contents for children. However, if your iOS 12 screen recorder does not work, try to check your Restrictions feature. Open up your Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Enter restrictions passcode (if asked) > switch on the Content & Privacy Restriction button > Content Restrictions > under Game Center, tap on Screen Recording > Allow.

Solution to iOS 12 screen recording no sound

Screen recording is more fun if the recorded video is accompanied by an audio sound using a microphone and system sound. However, when the OS system upgraded from iOS 11 to iOS 12, some users cannot enjoy using a screen recording feature because the recorded video doesn’t have any sound. To fix iOS 12 screen recording not working issue, simply go to Control Center > long press the Screen Recording icon > hit the Microphone icon to enable audio > then tap Start recording. If the microphone is turned on and the screen recording still does not have sound, restart your iDevice.


The clear advantage of screen recording on iOS is that you will be able to share what is in your screen to others. However, bugs and other issues are common when upgrading operating systems. Remarkably, some users are pointing out these problems occurred in the iOS 12 version. Without a doubt, these issues have specific ways on how to fix them. Furthermore, the above ways are of great help for you to troubleshoot on iOS 12 screen recording not working issue. With this article, solving these issues will not be as hard as you thought it to be. Hope this guide is beneficial and useful.

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