Many people may have the desire of uploading HD video to video-sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook or others. But they are often blocked due to the video size which is too large that it exceeds the maximum limits of site’s criterion. Facing this problem, it’s best to reduce size of video to a smaller one. Well, how to compress video? Actually, that’s not difficult to solve. But before offering solutions, we should figure out first what consist of video size. The size depends on video length, audio and video bitrate. Briefly, one equation can reveal the internal relationships of these factors: Size = Duration * Bitrate (the sum of audio and video bitrates).

Read here, many people may be confused about the terminologies, unclear where and how to change the parameters. Well, don’t worry! The next will unveil to you the definition of these professional terms, making you closer to compress video size.

Bitrate: This factor indicates how much of bits are transferred or processed per unit of time. Normally, the higher the bitrate is, the better relevant gear would be required for.

Audio bitrate: Deducing from the meaning of Bitrate, we know that Audio bitrate measures the amount of data being processed per a certain of time.

Video Bitrate: Similarly, the concept is same as audio bitrate that you could get information of how much data could be conveyed per a unit of time from this term.

Solutions of How to compress video

Solution one: Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

After knowing the factors of video size, we could tune the video size according to the above parameters. But how and what can we do when facing so much data in front of us? Well, such a tool is a good option assisting to compress video online for you. It is so convenient that you could employ it directly the moment you open the website. Moreover, besides tuning bitrate, you could also customize video through other functions such as convert or edit. It is so powerful that you could proceed according to the following step by step guides.

  1. View the details of target video such as size and bitrate by right clicking on video, choosing “properties”.
  2. Then it will pop up a window displaying video’s details. To know the information of video size, you should go under “General” tab. To learn video or audio rate, you could go to tab under “Details”.
  3. Navigate to the website of Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter.
  4. Click “Browse” button to import video.
  5. Choose output format and it’s best to keep the same format as original video.
  6. Tune video or audio bitrate to a smaller one, based on your needs of how much to decrease size of video. But you should be clear that the more you lower the size, the more blurred video quality will be.
  7. Click “Convert” button to start decreasing.
  8. After conversion, you will get a well-converter video soon. Then right click to confirm the video size.

Solution two: Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

The free online method is convenient that you can take into account. However, reducing bitrate may affect video’s quality that many people want other solutions. If you are one of them, you could use this tool to convert video into other formats like 3GP, SWF and FLV. These formats share the same trait that they are more like video containers which could store more data with less space. So, converting videos into these formats can help to shrink video file size without great loss and you can download and install it first to experience.


  1. Run the program after installation.
  2. Click “Add” to import video.
  3. Choose an output format from the option of “Profile”.
  4. Click “Convert” after confirmation.
  5. Wait a while and the time depends on video length.

Video Compressor for Windows

Solution three: Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac

If you are a Mac user, you’d best to use this tool to compress video size as it is exclusively designed for Mac. Besides more options of output formats you could select, it runs smoothly on Mac computer as well that you could have a try first.


  1. Launch the software after you download and install it.
  2. Click on the button of “Add” to increase a video waiting for compression.
  3. Select a format under “Profile” bar. Note that, it’s best to keep original solution if you don’t want to see quality lost.
  4. Click “Convert” and wait a moment. Compression will be end soon.

Mac video compressor

Sum up: You could refer to any of the above accessible methods based on your needs. The first free online method can help you to reduce video size by lowering bitrate while the succeeding two methods manage to save video quality with original format being converted. However, learning to use any of the video file size compressor, you will benefit from the above acquisition a lot.

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