3 Solutions to Disable Edge PDF Viewer in Windows 10

3 Solutions to Disable Edge PDF Viewer in Windows 10

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As we all know Edge is set as the default PDF reader for Windows 10. So every time that you open a PDF file, it will automatically be opened inside Edge. Some says it’s more convenient for them since there’s no need to install a third-party application just to view a PDF document. In spite of these, many users still wishes to change default PDF viewer in Windows 10, due to the fact that Edge only aids in viewing PDF pages no more no less. If you need additional editing functions then all you need to do is to disable Edge as the default app and select a new one. A little bit confused? Well to make it easier here are some solutions that can help you replace Edge as your default PDF viewer.

Ways to Disable Edge PDF Viewer in Windows 10

Change in Settings

In any computer generated devices, the best way to manage an application is by going straight to its “Settings”, which true in this case. To disable Edge as the default Windows 10 PDF reader and replace it with another program, all you need to do is to go to Windows “Settings” and modify it from there. To be more specific, here’s a guide that you can follow.

Use Context Menu

The next way to disable PDF reader in Microsoft Edge and replace it with another app is by making use of the Windows Context Menu. Some users prefer this method since there’s no need to go through setting, just look for the PDF file do some clicks and that’s it, Your default PDF reader will then be changed to whichever program you selected. For more elaborated steps, kindly check the steps below.

Use Control Panel

The third way to change default PDF reader in Windows 10 is by taking advantage of the Control Panel. Even if it takes longer to change the default PDF in this way compared to the first two methods, it can also be done easily once you get used to it. With this way all you need to do is to manipulate the default PDF viewer that you have from the Control Panel. You can refer to the steps below for the detailed guide.

Bonus: Microsoft Edge Alternative Programs to View PDF

If you wish to disable Edge PDF viewer in Windows 10, then you must first have a good replacement for it. When it comes to PDF viewer, there’s no need for it to be expensive what’s important is it can provide you with different functions that can aid you in managing your PDF files. Just like an outstanding PDF reader slash editor called ApowerPDF. This program allows its users to view any type of PDF files smoothly. It is also built with significant editing tools that can help you add or edit text, images, as well as adding links.

Edge alternative to view PDF

Also, this program is even capable of creating PDF files from scratch and it has functions that can manage PDF pages by adding watermark, inserting files, splitting, adding headers and much more. In case you need to turn your PDF file into another file format then this program has a built-in Converter that can do the job for you. It’s an all in one application that is definitely worth trying.


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